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Whachu In For? ‘12

1. Snoop Dogg-Misdemeanor drug possession Source

2. Tyga-Outstanding warrant stemming from four separate traffic incidents. Source

3. Jenelle Evens-Harassing phone calls and communicating threats Source

4. Jenelle Evens-Violating a domestic violence protection order Source

5. Kate Major-Battery Source

6. Armie Hammer-Marijuana possession Source

7. Corey Gunz-Gun possession  Source

8. Dazayna Dreyton-Domestic violence Source

9. Elephant Man-Rape Source

10. Avery Brooks-DUI Source

11. Randy Travis-Public intoxication Source

12. Knowshon Moreno-DUI Source

13. Suge Knight-Marijuana possession Source

14. Marston Hefner-Misdemeanor domestic violence Source

15. Scott Storch-Cocaine possession Source

16. Seth “Shifty Shelshock” Binzer-Cocaine possession. Source

17. Robin Thicke-Marijuana possession Source

18. Jarvis Crittenton-Speeding and obstruction of an officer Source

19. Lucy Lawless-Trespassing Source

20. Sean Young-Suspicion of misdemeanor battery Source

21. Ray Small-Drug possession Source

22. Rachel Conner-DUI Source

23. Coolio-Outstanding warrants Source and Source

24. Michael Madsen-Suspicion of felony child endangerment with cruelty Source

25. Russell Brand-Property damage Source

26. George Clooney-Public disorder Source

27. El DeBarge-Drug possession

More Details…

Singer El DeBarge, who’s no stranger to drug issues, was arrested for drug possession yesterday.  Police believe he was trying to sell it.

He was picked up after officers observed him in an apparent drug deal with another man near the 101 Freeway in Encino.

He was arrested for possession of narcotics with intent to sell. This is his 3rd arrest for drug possession since 2001.
El was later released on $30k bail. Source

Those poor DeBarge kids STAY in trouble.  And here we thought El had turned things around.

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