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Amber’s Publicist Calls Press Release a Fake

Last week Amber was reamed out by her former publicist, Janero Marchand, who claimed she stole from Kanye…among other things.

Well her current publicist, James Campbell allegedly put out a press release riddled with typos throwing shade at Janero.

Both he and Amber have come out to say that the release was a fake.


Here’s the press release:

My name is James Campbell, Amber Rose’s current PR person. I would like to address the controversy regarding Amber and Janero Marchand. First off, I’d like to clarify that Mr. Marchand has never worked with Amber as far her public relations. Anyone with intelligence can obviously see that this man is using her as a target to market himself and leverage his name in the industry, which he obviously failed. Being a publicist for over 10 years, I have never heard of this maniac’s name or his silly company. Amber, her manager, Antonio, and I are entirely disgusted by this demented fool. It is an utter shock that this guy took the time out of his day to fabricate an email (supposedly sent by Amber) and a ridiculous story, and send it to blogs in hopes of it being a topic without any sort of apprehension of how this might effect her. I hope that his current clients on his roster (which i know is not much) realize how dangerous this phony is and quickly find someone else who is more qualified and help them become a topic.


Wack sauce…don’t people have better things to do with their time than type up fake letters and disrespect the shit outta spell check? C’mon son.

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