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Kimmie Cakes Post…

Sources close to Kim and Kris are shooting down rumors that the two are splitting up.  Kris was seen the other day moving boxes from the hotel they’ve been staying at while she shoots “Kim and Kourtney Take New York.” But the sources say the couple is just getting ready for their move back to LA.

As far as Kris not having his wedding ring on, they say he’s just not a fan of jewelry. Source

Meh, I’m surprised Kris even went through with this whole thing.  They don’t really seem to like each other and it’s not like either will get anything out of a divorce. So what’s the point?

In Other Kimmie News…

Tyler Perry has decided to cast Kim K. in his new movie.  The film is about a relationship expert, Judith, who is bored with her own marriage and decides to break her professional code to cheat on her husband with a smooth talking client.

Jurnee Smollette will play Judith and Kim will play Ava, a coworker who gives Judith a makeover and confidence as she struggles with personal issues. Source


Sigh, this should be just fab…NOT!

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