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Wuchu In For? ‘11

1. Wacka Flacka Flame-Guns and Drug Charges Source

2. Jamie Pressly-Suspicion of DUI. Source

3. Ted Williams-Creating a public disturbance Source

4. Edward Furlong-Violation of a restraining order Source

5. Ozzie Canseco (Jose Canseco’s twin brother)-DUI Source

6. Andraya Howard (Chris Brown’s former boo)-Child endangerment. Source

7. Laurence Maroney-Possession of marijuana and unlawful use of a weapon. Source

8. Katrise Jones-Friday Felony false pretense Source

9. Judson “Fabio” Birza-Public intoxication, riding a skateboard on the street, and an unrelated DUI and probation violation Source

10. Hynief-Two counts of distribution of a controlled substance. Source

11.  Megan Burgess (Former Miss Teen Arkansas)-Public intoxication Source

12. Tracy Marrow, Jr., Ice-T’s son)-Public indecency Source

13. Jason Davis-Ppossession of a controlled substance Source

14. Everson Griffen (Minnesota Vikings)-Public intoxication Source

15. Everson Griffen (Minnesota Vikings)-Battery Source

16. Juelz Santana-Drugs and weapons possession Source

17. Kristoff St. John-DUI Source

18. Mike Star-Drug possession Source

19. Juvenile-Possession of marijuana and driving on a suspended license Source

20. Christina Aguilera-Extreme public intoxication Source

21. Matthew Rutler-DUI Source

22. Rolanda Watts-Suspicion of DUI Source

23. Gabriel Cannon-Suspicion of robbery and assault Source

24.  Felicia “Snoop Pearson-Participation in a drug ring

23. Felicia “Snoop” Pearson-Participation in a drug ring Source

24. Ryan Knight and Jemmye Carrol-Disorderly conduct Source

25. Paz de la Huerta-Assault Source

26. Kurt Angle-Being in control for a vehicle while intoxicated Source

27. Rick Ross-Marijuana possession Source

28. Jason Peters-Resisting an officer Source

29. Seth “Shifty Shelshock” Binzer-Outstanding Warrants Source

30. Jenelle Evens-Assault and Affray Source

31. Angie Stone-Warrants for unpaid tickets Source

32. Jalen Rose-DUI Source

33. Steve-O-Warrant for Assault Source

34. Jim Jones-Driving with a suspended license, aggravated unlicensed operation and failure to obey a traffic device.  Source

35. Tony Stokes (Sara Stokes (Making the Band 2) husband)-Domestic violence Source

36. Gloria James (Lebron James’mother)-Suspicion of assault Source

37. Gucci Mane-Battery and violating probation Source

38. K. Koke -Attempted murder Source

39. Kenny Britt-Eluding, obstructing and hindering apprehension. Source

40. Nicolas Cage-Domestic violence Source

41. Antoine Dodson-Possession of marijuana Source

42. Farrah Franklin-Disorderly conduct Source

43. Frankie Lons-Probation violation and misdemeanor possession of drug-related material Source

44. Brandon Davis-Battery and possession of a controlled substance Source

45. Tallulah Willis-Possession of alcohol Source

46. Rapper Flavor Flav-4 warrants Source

47. Rick Springfield-DUI Source

48.  Ricardo Chivira-DUI Source

49. Andy Dick-Disorderly conduct with alcohol Source

50. Cassidy-Probation violation and suspicion of murder Source

51. Mary Harvey (Steve Harvey’s ex-wife)-Failing to appear in court Source

52. Flo-Rida-DUI and driving with a suspended license Source

53. Nate Robinson-Public urination Source

54. Faizon Love-Domestic violence Source

55. DeShawn Stevenson-Public intoxication Source

56. Tone Loc-Felony domestic violence Source

57. Nivea-DUI Source

58. Natina Reed-DUI Source

59-60. Weston Cage & Nikki Williams-Domestic Disturbance Source

61. Michael Beasly-Drug possession Source

62. Gary Dourdan-Drug possession Source

63. Pacman Jones-Disorderly conduct Source

64. Bryson Bryant-Shoplifting Source

65. Hines Ward-DUI Source

66-67. Jennifer Slaughter and Della Hamby (Lil’ Wayne’s Dancers)-Assault and breach of peace. Source

68. Waka Flocka-Marijuana possession Source

69. Julie Pacino-DWI Source

70. Samantha Ronson-DUI Source

71. Waka Flocka-Marijuana possession and failure to wear a seat belt Source

72. Jason Weaver-Public urination and/or defecation Source

73. Darius Miles-Carrying a loaded gun Source

74. Rapper Big Sean-Forcible touching, unlawful imprisonment and sex abuse Source

75. Rapper Big Boi-Drug possession with intent to sell Source

76. Christopher “Kid” Reid-Outstanding warrant Source

77. Jenelle Evans-Parole violation Source

78. Orlando Brown-DUI Source

79.  Tyra Sanchez (James William Ross IV)-Marijuana possession Source

80. Rapper Memphitz-Carrying a loaded weapon Source

81. Khia-Concealing/endangering property-secured interest Source

82. DMX-Reckless driving, criminal speeding, driving on a suspended and revoked license Source

83. Matthew Fox-Assault Source

84. Javaris Crittendon–Murder Source

85. Daryl Hannah-Disorderly conduct Source

86. Kurt Angle-DWI Source

87. Matt Hardy-DUI Source

88. Benn Wallace -DUI and weapons charges Source

89. Cornell West & Raheem Devaughn-Disturbing the peace Source

90. Soulja Boy-Drugs and weapons possession

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Rapper Soulja Boy was arrested this morning in Temple, GA for all kinds of stuff.  He was pulled over for a traffic violation.  The cops found firearms and at least $70K worth of weed in his car. Source

I wonder what that much weed even looks like.  That reminds me of this bust that happened when I was in college where the campus weedman was caught with 7 pounds of weed in his dormroom.

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