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Did Laura Govan Rob Gilbert’s Crib?

We’ve been following this whole Gilbert Arenas, Laura Govan disaster for quite a while now.  The last thing we heard was that Gilbert left a pregnant Laura and their kids without any money and moved in with a teammate.  Well now we hear that Lauren recently robbed Glibert’s VA home.

She allegedly took clothes, furniture and even his fish tank and sharks.  Some think that she’s planning on selling the goods so she can take care of their children since she’s reportedly asked him for money several times and he refuses.  We also hear that she has info about him selling drugs and plans to go public with it.  This may also be the reason why Gilbert has yet to press charges.   Source

As a celebriologist this type of foolishness usually excites me but since there are kids involved I’m just gonna give it a side eye and move on.  Although, there is one thing that I’m curious about…how did a woman who’s about 6 months pregnant get all that ish out of the house?   It’s not like she could ask her girlfriends…she doesn’t have any.  And her sister Gloria is too small.  I’m thinking the only person who’d be able to carry a fish tank full of sharks is about 7’ 1”, 325lbs, and functionally retarded. Kazaam!

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