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Review: AllFlaws-“Escaping Sanity”

The above video is a single off the “Black Box Here After” released this past spring in Bristol, UK.

I’ve finally gotten around to checking out Allflaws music and I must say I’m in love.  I haven’t listened to a lot of electronic/trance/industrial/triphop since my raving days (Yes, I owned a pair of UFOs and no, that doesn’t give you the right to judge me).  But this album brought me right back to a K-hole in a dark unfamiliar, and usually damp, place.

Why am I in love? Partially because I’m a tortured soul but mostly because when I hear a good beat, no matter how haunting it is, I’m all in.

The lyrics discuss (in the creepiest way possible) finding freedom through insanity.  The content intrigues you, the beat lures you in and the melody mesmerizes you.

I wouldn’t say the vocals are particularly as strong as I’d like and I found the video disturbing. That is, disturbing in a confusing way kinda like that movei “The Lost Highway” (which I hated).  So I’m giving Escaping Santiy 4 out of 5 straight jackets.

Feeling like getting crazy? Check out AllFlaws here and here.
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