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LisaRaye and Al Sharpton? WTF?!

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Al Sharpton and Lisa Raye have been hanging out a lot lately and quite frankly it makes me nervous.

All appeared as a gust host on WWE Raw the other night (why Lord?) and Lisa Raye was there (once again why Lord?).

Here’s a clip:

The two were also seen traveling together. Here’s them walking through the airport:

This isn’t the only place they’ve been. They also accompanied each other to Roland Martin’s Congressional Black Caucus party in D.C. They were holding hands and looking very boorific.

According to Bossip he’s also serving as her spiritual adviser. Source

I can’t and I won’t. But I do wonder who uses more Pink Lotion.

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Brody Explains Why He Wasn’t at Khloe’s Wedding

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Brody Jenner, Khloe Kardashian’s stepbrother was noticeably abscent from her wedding. His excuse? He was in NY promoting the newest season of The Hills.

He says, “It’s pretty crazy. I missed it. I had to be here. You guys [MTV] are the reason why I missed it.”

Of their marriage he says, “It came fast, to say the least, but I’m happy for them. She seems very happy, so good for them.”

He joked, “I’m getting some good seats this year at the Lakers games, yes!” Adding, “I’ve met Lamar a couple of times, and he seems like a pretty incredible guy.”

When asked if he’ll be getting married anytime soon he said, “I don’t know, it’s hard to keep up with them (his stepsisters). I’d have to get married right off the bat with somebody to keep up with them. And I don’t think I’m quite ready for something like that. You never know, but at this point, no.” Source

That’s a pretty lame excuse. I’m sure MTV would have been OK with him missing ONE day of promotion, especially since he’s not even a main cast member.

50 Cent Post

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50 Cent’s book “The 50th Law” debuted at #5 on the NY Times’ best-sellers list. The book is 50′s advice on how to succeed in life and business. Source

In other 50 news…

His latest publicity stunt was a report on his site,, saying he had been hospitalized. He’d supposedly collapsed at his offices after listening to Fat Joe’s upcoming album. J.O.S.E. 2. After going to the hospital he was said to be suffering from blurred vision and a migraine and the docs concluded he suffered “some damage to his auditory cortex” — the “region of the brain that is responsible for processing sound.”

At the end of the story there was a download link to Fat Joe’s full album before it’s release with the message: “THIS SUCKS!!! DOWNLOAD AT YOUR OWN RISK.” Source

Here’s the accompanying vid:

All I could think about while watching this was how painful it would be had ne not fixed his teeth. Way too many close up grill shots.

Usher’s New Boo Loses Her Job Over Relationship

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Def Jam exec, Grace Miguel was forced out of her position at the label for her relationship with Usher. The two have been quietly dating and their relationship started when both of them were still married. Grace who is 12 years older than Usher, filed for divorce from her husband around the same time Usher filed for divorce from Tameka. Source

You know the saying, ‘Don’t shit in your cereal,’ wait, er, ‘Don’t piss in the chili,’ well you know what I mean. Doesn’t she know its a recession and you can’t be making silly decisions like that.

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Ne-Yo to Work With Ousted Sugababes Member

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Keisha Buchanan was recently forced out of the group, Sugababes. But it’s not the end for her. Supposedly, Ne-Yo wants to work with her.

A source said, “Keisha has known Ne-Yo for a few years. They are close friends and have worked together on Sugababes material. So when he heard she had left the group he contacted her and told her he wants to work with her. Keisha is also good friends with Jermaine Riley from FDM, who is signed to Ne-Yo’s label. When he heard of the split he told her to call him as he had some big news.” Source

Ne-Yo has a golden pen. So getting ousted from the group may be the best thing that ever happened to her.

Kim and Reggie are On Again?

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The rumor mill is a churnin’. Everyone is saying that Kim Kardashian and ex Reggie Bush are back together.

“Yes, they are back together,” a source says. “They took a few months off and couldn’t be apart. The time away was needed so that they could figure out what their priorities were.”

After her sister Khloe got married, “the wedding made her miss him, so she flew to see him.” Source and Source

OOOOO! A bunch of ladies are going to be upset about this…my girl C-Rob is on the top of this list.

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MiMi Says Love and Nick Changed Her Life

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Mariah Carey did an interview with USA Today and she talked about how happy she’s been since marrying Nick Cannon.

She says,“I wasted my time with stuff that wasn’t really real, in my personal life. I was always more focused on my career. But now I have this support system.”

“There’s a little bit of almost every album I’ve done on this new one”, she says. “It’s like I put everything in a blender and made drinks for my friends. They’re festive drinks, though some are bittersweet. I’m at such a good place in my life, and that allows me to be honest. And to enjoy things.” Source

Good for Mimi. She’s always been so driven, so much so that she’s neglected her health and even had a minor breakdown. As crazy as their relationship may seem, it looks like it’s working for them.

Fred Durst Separates From Wife Three Months Into Marriage

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Rocker Fred Durst got married to Esther Nazarov three months ago in Vegas and the two are already parting ways.

“For those of you inquiring I will confirm that Esther and I have decided to go our separate ways and we both thank you for your support. Thank you all SO much for your concern and extremely kind words. Sincerely. We remain very positive and wish only the best for each other.”


It woulda been nice if he figured that out BEFORE marrying her. But whatevs.


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Diddy Leaves Warner Music Group for Interscope

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Sean “Beady Eyes and Fixed Teeth (Thank God)” Combs has left his label. His contract with Warner Music Group/Atlantic Records is up and he’s moving to Interscope to release his new album ‘Last Train to Paris.’

He said in a statement: “Now that the term of the Warner deal has ended, I have elected to accept an opportunity to move my recording career and future label venture to another company.”

Bad Boy and its artists will continue to operate through Atlantic. Source

This is interesting. I wonder what really prompted the move.

Bey Boots Linds From Dressing Room

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Lindsay Lohan is in Singapore hosting F1 Rocks. So she requested to have the largest dressing room at the event and was granted her wish. But and however, Beyonce came right behind her and requested the same room and Lindsay was booted.

Lindsay said later: “I’ve been a bit down. It was a strange night. Everyone was being aggressive and bothering me. I really didn’t like it.”

In addition to the room, Bey requested on her 139 page rider, that the room be decorated in white, have four lit mirrors, include a mini gym, and have lots of booze. Source

Poor Lindsay. But there’s no way she had a shot in hell going up against Beyonce.

Fabolous Hospitalized

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Rapper Fabolous has been hospitalized for what’s believed to be food poisoning. He was driving and “started feeling very sick.” so he pulled over and called an ambulance, which rushed him to the hospital.

“I was not in a car accident, but I think i know where it started,” he tweeted. “I was drivin’ yesterday morning and started feeling very sick and felt like I was gon pass out while driving. I veered off two the side of the road, had a ambulance called and they picked me up from the side of the road. Maybe that’s where the car accident confusion came from.

“Believed I was poisoned, so I checked in and was given medical treatment,” Fabolous wrote. “A lil sedated, so I didn’t tweet but was released to go late last night.” Source

Get well soon Fab, cus that food poisoning is no joke. It may only take you out for a few days. But while it’s in your system you beg for death to come quickly.

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Coco Pic of the Day

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She calls it her ‘tailfeather’ pic.

Mashonda Responds to A. Keys

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Swizz Beats soon-to-be ex-wife has responded to a Tweet from Alicia Keys with a letter. Alicia posted the following tweet on Twitter:

“Having a heated debate n the studio. Question is…N love is it better to go 4 the choice that is ‘SMART’ or the choice that has ‘SPARK’??””

The letter is long but deserves the read. Like to hear it? Here it go!

After having a great evening with my son and enjoying some fun twit chat, I decided to sign off and get some work done. However, a few hours later I was advised that I should check @aliciakeys twit page. I’ve never reached out to her on twitter before. I feel our issues are a lot more serious than a website conversation. Not to mention that I’ve reached out to her many times in the beginning of this whole thing, as any wife would do. Unfortunately, I never succeeded in getting a response. The 1st time I meet AK, my husband introduced us to each other at an event. ( I have no choice but to call him my husband, until he is not anymore) In the messages that I sent to her (AK), I made it very clear that on the contrary of what she might be hearing, I am still married to my husband, living with him and just had a child. Its been two years and I still have not received a response. What I do receive, is constant displays of selfishness and disconcern to me and my son.

I was a fan of AK’s last album, we were both signed to J Records and I always checked up on her projects. I sang her songs and admired her for creating Superwoman and Karma, I would never deny her, her talent. I believed in her until I found out she was possibly sleeping with my husband. The affair was denied by both, until it was finally admitted months later.

Already I can hear some of you saying ” why are u blaming her, You cant make someone leave their wife, You cant break something thats broken”. Well, my marriage was not broken, as far as I knew we were celebrating our sons birth and getting ready to celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary . Call it blind love, whatever. I call it being a devoted wife.. As far as me blaming her and not blaming him, thats false. Me and my husband have worked out our differences. We are in a good place as people and as parents. I accept his choices and I am comfortable enough with myself to move on. I am so very blessed in many ways.

My concern with AK is no longer the fact that she assisted in destroying a family but that she has the audacity to make these selfish comments about love and wanting to be with someone, even after knowing their situation. How is this the same Superwoman that I sang out loud with in my truck? I ask myself sometimes.

If you are reading this Alicia, let me start by saying, you know what you did. You know the role you played and you know how you contributed to the ending of my marriage. You know that I asked you to step back and let me handle my family issues. Issues that you helped to create.

Im not saying everything was perfect all the time but no relationship is perfect. We made a vow to God and I believe you should have respected that, as a woman. I know you owe me or my son nothing but I just wish you would’ve handled things more carefully. I’m not judging you, I put you and the whole situation in the hands of God, the Higher Power. Just know that as a woman, I expected so much more from you. I never had intentions on reaching out to you this way but after reading your twits tonight, and the constant disregard, you left me no choice. I feel that after 1 and a half years of you hiding this affair and acting like it doesnt exist, that now is the time to confront it, since you talk so openly about it now

This is not a publicity stunt, I dont have a record coming out. I just need to close this chapter in my life and that means confronting our issues. There is a small child involved. His dad loves him to death and he wants to spend more time with him but hes afraid because he knows we don’t have a relationship. This is my main concern. My son NEEDS his dad and I NEED to be comfortable with you. For him!

I know many will see my point and many will not be able to look into what’s real because they only want to see Alicia Keys the celebrity, not the human. This is not for the “people”, this is for you. Like I said I was left no choice but to reach out to you this way. By now, Im sure you want to find a balance in this as well.

I read your tweets tonight and I felt they were very insensitive. You have no idea how much pain I was caused because of this affair. Its baffling to me that you don’t understand what I might have gone through with this situation. I dont consider myself a victim anymore, Ive learned alot from this! I just ask you to try and be a bit more realistic and delicate to the situation, at least until my divorce is final. I felt me attending the party would have been a starting point for us, since you shook my hand after I offered it, but I suppose I was wrong.

If its so, that you and my husband are meant to be together, then God bless you both and I hope you never have to deal with what I did. I would not wish it on my worst enemy. If you two being together forever is the case, its more of a reason for us to get along, because I’m not going anywhere. Theres a child to be raised.

To answer your tweet, choose smart over spark. Sparks burn everyone, be smart! Its simple actually, just think of the shoe being on the other foot.

Stay blessed and lets work this thing out with respect and dignity. Source

I LOVE MaShonda for this. Her letter was mature, respectful, and most importantly, VERY necessary. And I love the “Stay blessed.” I’ve used that myself (more than once) to remind a hoe that God is watching their tomfoolery and IS NOT impressed. Go with God! HalleluYER!

Are Janet and Jermaine Back Together?

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Even though Janet confirmed a split with Jermaine Dupri in her Harper’s Bazaar interview that may not be the deal. She was seen with him this past week in Milan for Fashion week. The traveled together and were pictured (above) at a party with Donatella Versace on Friday. Source

I mean, they’ve been together forever so maybe it’s just two friends hanging out. But breaking up is hard to do (yes I just sang that line in my head). So they could possibly be rekindling their relationship. In any event, good luck kids.

LaToya Luckett is Cool With a Destiny’s Child Reunion

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Latoya Luckett said in a recent interview that she wouldn’t be opposed to a Destiny’s child reunion.

Would you reunite with Destiny’s Child if the opportunity presented itself?

I wouldn’t mind it. All of us would have to be on the same page about everything. The respect would have to be there for everyone. We would have to know that we’re going out there to do this for the fans and that’s it. I don’t know.

Would it have to be the original quartet or would you do it as a quintet?

It would need to be about eight of us. [Laughs] But I would love to be out there onstage with the girls again and have that time. It’s been about 10 or 11 years. Source

Um, no and no. This wouldn’t happen in a jillion years.

Rick Ross Ordered to Pay Child Support

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Rick Ross has been ordered to pay child support to his son’s mother Tia. The judge handed down a temporary child support order, which forces Rick to pay a monthly (still undisclosed) amount as well as medical expenses to Tia. He was also granted visitation.

Tia has been alleging that Rick hasn’t paid any child support for their son in two years. Source

Looks like their son is the big winner here. It takes a lot to raise a child so I’m sure Tia is relieved as well…I won’t comment on her recent tomfoolery with 50 Cent.

Screech Writes Tell-All…Calls Out NBC and Mario Lopez

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Dustin Diamond of ‘Saved by the Bell’ fame, is speaking out about his former co-star, Mario Lopez. Mario was accused of date rape back in ’93 and Dustin contends that TV bosses paid off the victim to make the charge go away.

Screech talks about this in his new book, ‘Behind the Bell.’

In a chapter titled ‘A.C. Makes the Ladies Scream,’ Dustin says Mario was a womanizer who used his fame to take advantage of female fans.

He writes, “(Lopez) hit on every co-star, every extra, every production assistant and every fan he found himself sitting next to.”

Charges against Mario were never filed when a teen accused him of luring her back to his house and raping her. Dustin says this is because NBC paid her $50,000 to “keep her mouth shut.”

Neither NBC nor Mario have responded to these claims. Source

This may very well be true but no one is going to believe a thing Dustin says. His douchery has ruined any credibility he may have ever had.

Jay Got a Nose Job?

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jay posted the above pic alleging that Jay-Z got a nose job. Source

It sure does look like it. But to give him the benefit of the doubt, his face has filled out since then so that may be why his nose doesn’t look as big. Plus the angle and sizing of the pics is different. But even if he did get one, it’s a change for the better no? He should have a talk with KRS-1. That nose just hurts my feelings.

Omarion Joins EMI

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Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

After being dropped from leaving Young Money, singer Omarion has joined EMI. MTV reports:

The former B2K frontman announced Thursday (September 24) that he signed a new deal with EMI to create his own imprint StarWorld Entertainment. Through the pact, the Los Angeles native will release his next project Ollusion, due November 24. Just last month, Omarion united forces with Lil’ Wayne and joined the rapper’s Young Money Roster. However, shortly after the news broke, the singer mysteriously parted ways with his came.

Of his new album he says, “My style has evolved so much on this album. I was able to express truly who I am from a creative and artistic standpoint, which allowed me to share a personal side of myself with my fans through my music. This is my masterpiece, and I can’t wait for the world to hear my new album.” Source

I’m not a fan, but good for him. He’s not going down without a fight.  On another note, ‘Ollusion,’ really? We get it.  Your name starts with an ‘O.’  Can we move on now?

Neve Campbell Returns for New Scream Film

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Actress Neve Campbell has signed on to com back to the ‘Scream’ franchise for its fourth installment.

Production will being next year and Neve will be joining other retuning stars Courteney Cox, David Arquette and director Wes Craven.

There will be a total of three new movies. Source

The first one was kick ass. If they can bring back that magic, I’m def down to see it.

Mike’s Mannequins Helped Him feel Less Lonely

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One of MJ’s Neverland Ranch rooms was filled with mannequins. He did this so he wouldn’t feel so alone. In interviews with confidant Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, he said, “I felt I needed someone…I was too shy to be around real people…I didn’t talk to them (the mannequins), it wasn’t like old ladies talking to plants.

“I always thought about, ‘Why do I have these?’ I love them, it’s like real babies, kids and people, but it makes me feel like I am in a room with people.”

Shmuley says, “You get chills listening to this. His celebrity had created a degree of isolation, where he could not simply feel comfortable around other people-he felt that everybody wanted something form him; he felt that he was trapped int his cocoon of fame.”

The rabbi says he had Michael’s permission to release the tapes. He says, “He wanted people just to understand, ‘I may not be perfect but, before you judge me, know what I’ve been through’ and he always wanted American families to heal based on his example.

“I think that what he shared in these conversations…was immensely courageous. For a superstar to bear his soul with this degree of rawness…so that families would learn. He did all this because he wanted to consecrate his fame to a higher cause and that cause was: ‘Parent’s prioritize your kids, don’t neglect them because look at what it did to me.’” Source

When I hear these things it just makes me feel so sad. He had everything that someone could want except for things that are most important like love and companionship.

Pammy is in Debt up to her Teats

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Pamela Anderson is having some financial problems. She owes a boat load of money to a construction company. “A lot of people are owed a lot of money,” Jay Bruder, boss of Bruder Construction tells Star.

Jay is suing her for $674,043 for the cost of “labor and materials and subcontractors to remodel main house, construct foundations for guest house.”

In addition she owes $252,360 to California in unpaid taxes and $1,975 to a company for transporting debris off from the construction on her home. Source

Damn Pammy, I guess a huge rack only gets you so far.

Spice Girls Reunion on the Horizon?

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Even though Mel B says that there won’t be a Spice Girls reunion anytime soon, she won’t rule it out all together. She wrote on her Twitter page: “World Cup! Wow the rumors are so silly no I am not getting the girls together for the world cup!! We are getting together for other reasons.

“Just did an hour work out and kicked my own ass, getting my fitness up for my next trip to london at the beginning of oct (sic)!”

“Spice Girls, stadiums?????????? Had dinner with the amazing melc emma and geri I love them so much (sic).”

Geri later said: “We are friends first and foremost. Obviously a career and music evolved through that friendship I think. Whatever happens afterwards is a bonus. We always talk about creative plans. Right-now, I’ll be honest. We are gathering information about a possibility.” Source

Didn’t they just have a reunion a couple of years ago. Wait for us to miss you before trying to come back again.

No Crazy Bachelor Party for Lamar

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Lamar Odom was supposed to have a crazy bachelor party, hosted by his soon-to-be brother-in-law, Robert Kardashian and Kardashian family friend, Joe Francis. But he opted out for a private dinner with close family and friends. It was held at Les Deux last night. Source

Whew! I was OK with the original plan until I heard about the presence of midgets. Good choice Lamar.


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Brad and Angie Fight Over Adoption

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According to Star magazine, the trip that the Pitts took to Africa was less work and more of a baby scouting trip. Angelina took Shiloh and Zahara to Ethiopia, Baby Z’s homeland, where they visited an orphanage.

“Angelina really bonded with this one little girl. There were actually three kids who tugged at her heartstrings, but she absolutely fell in love with this child. Shiloh and Zahara hugged the little girl as they were leaving…Angie said it was so sweet, and she’s determined to make her part of the family.”

The source adds that Brad isn’t for it. “He’s dead set against another adoption right now and really flipped out on Angie when she told him…he thinks she isn’t being practical.”

But, “Angelina isn’t asking Brad if they should adopt again, she’s telling him.”

Brad supposedly accused her of being “like a kid in a pet store wanting all the cute puppies…She screamed at him that these weren’t dogs that needed a place to live, they were children. She was livid!

“Brad is exhausted and just can’t handle it right now…he begged Angie to reconsider and revisit adopting in a year or so.” Source

I understand that they have the money to care for them. I also understand that there are millions of children in need of a good home. But do they really have the time and patience to care for 6+ children? Me tink not.

Keyshia’s Manager Clears Up Pregnancy Rumors

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Rumors have been floating around that singer Keyshia Cole is pregnant with boyfriend Boobie’s baby. Well now we have confirmation from her manager Manny that this is not true. He added that she won’t be having a baby any time soon because she’s busy at work on her new album. Source

How does he know when she’ll have a baby? Lord knows fertility runs in her family with her sister Neffe’s well traveled push box.

Khloe’s Wedding Pics Could Pay a Pretty Penny

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Khloe and Lamar stand to make a lot of money for exclusive photos of their wedding. Khloe covered In Touch this week wearing her wedding gown. Photos from the wedding could get them as much as $300K according to OK! Magazine.

The wedding, which took place today will be attended by 200 guests. This happened so hastily that the guests had to be called for the invite to save the date.

Some say this s an attemed to upstage her sisters, Kim, who’s been the most famous Kardashian sister, and Kourtney who recently revealed her pregnancy. Source

They say the wedding was all Lamar’s idea but I find that hard to believe since he seems to be a commitmentphobe. H was with the mother of his children for over ten years without giving her a ring.

Is Soulja Boy Engaged?

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Rumor has it that teen rapper Soulja Boy Tell’em is engaged to Rosa Acosta, a video vixen. The rumors stated when pics of the two were posted on her website, pictures in which she’s wearing what looks like an engagement ring.

Rosa’s rep released a statement saying no way.

“So the story is that the proposal is false. Miss Acosta is very much single.”

The rep adds that the ring was a gift from her mom.

“She was in L.A. Filming the Chris Brown video (featuring Lil’ Wayne and Swizz Beatz) with several other models. Soulja Boy was in L.A. He’s been friends with Rosa for a a while and asked if she and the other girls wanted to go to dinner.

“So he took her and four other girls to dinner, [during] which some playful pictures were taken as ‘behind the scenes’ for Miss Acosta’s website. The ring she has on her finger is a ring that was given to her by her mother about three or four years ago and it was not given to her by Soulja Boy. The picture that everyone has up is a harmless picture where he is kissing her on her cheek. And there’s about four other pictures where you see him at the table with her and the other models and he’s hugging everybody.”

Soulja Boy’s response to the rumors on Twitter was: “LOL.” Source

Thank God this is just a rumor beacause we all know this simple boy don’t need to be anyone’s husband.

Brit Sued by Paparazzo

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Back in ’07, a photographer, Ricardo Mendoza, was injured when Britney Spears ran over his foot.  Well he’s asking her to pay him over $220K.

He’s suing her for $195 in general damages and the rest for his ‘damaged life.’

He initially laughed the situation off. Source

Lo sings: Fo’ tha love of mo-naaay!

No More Kids For Mary

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Singer/actress Mary J. Blige says that she has no desire to adopt.

“I don’t think I’ll do foster care or adopt, to be quite honest,” she said. “I barely have time for my own children. To adopt more children and not have time for them, that [would be] poor parenting on my [part].”

The children she speaks of are her step children (Jordan, 11, and Nas, 10) with husband Kendu Isaacs, who also has a grown daughter, Brianna, 23.

“I wouldn’t adopt, but what I will do is give my time and go and try to be there for people,” she said.

She also spoke about the kiddies goals. “One [Jordan] is a film director already – she’s working on it. That’s her goal. And the other [Nas] is a philosopher, a public speaker. He speaks very well already.”  Source

I feel Mary.  Children are a huge responsibility and it seems like she’s already got a lot on her plate. Navigating the blended family is a hard thing to do.

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Rebirth Pushed Back Yet Again

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Lil’ Wayne’s album ‘Rebirth’ has been pushed back once again.  The album, toted as a rock-rap album, was supposed to come out November 24th but is now being pused to December 15th.

A few months ago when the album was initially moved, Wayne explained that it had to do with im getting his Young Money label off the ground.

“Honestly, I’m just starting up this Young Money label and I’m trying to get my artists down right. Get everybody together,” Weezy said. “Once I got that together, then I could work back on me. I’m a very humble person. I know once I get to it, I’mma get to it. So like I was saying, it’s Young Money time, so making sure my artists get their just due.” Source

After watching his ‘Behind the Music Special’ I have a whole new appreciation for Wayne. He’s riding on a high so I hope he doesn’t miss the boat by making his fans wait.

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Kanye and GaGa Shock in Tour Ad

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Fame Kills from kwest on Vimeo.

Kanye West and Lady Gaga have released a promotional ad for their tour together and its causing some stirs.

The 30 second clip shows GaGa topless, being held by a black man, supposedly Kanye.

Kanye premiered the ad on his blog, in which he wrote: “What happened to all the rock stars? The Fame killed them.” Source

Well, Kanye and GaGa being shocking isn’t really all that shocking…is it?

EVE Cans Fashion Line and Leaves Label

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Rapper/actress, EVE, has put a kabash on her fashion line Fetish.  According to her the line is dunzo due to “legal reasons.”

She’s also left her record label, Geffen Recorts.  So we may not be seeing her upcoming album ‘Flirt’ either. This album has been in the works for over two years.

On a lighter not she’s guest starring on the Fox hit “Glee” and appearing in the new roller derby movie, ‘Whip It!’ Source

Hmm…interesting.  I can’t wait to hear what the real reason is for these disappointing moves.

MTV to Air Series Featuring DJ AM?

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MTV may air the drug intervention reality series that featured DJ AM.

DJ AM was found last month dead of an apparent drug overdose and spoke in the series “Gone Too Far” about his sobriety and past drug abuse.

Though MTV hasn’t given a definitive answer on the airing of the show some think that airing it would greatly contribute to the anti-drug message of the show. Source

I agree that airing this show can help to push the anti-drug campaign.  But I also feel that a special on his life and death should be aired in tandem to the episode featuring him.  It will give a deeper look into addiction.

Six Flags Removes McNair Display

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six flags

Amusement park, Six Flags Ohio, has removed a Halloween display that depicted murdered Steve McNair and his dead mistress.

“When the gates open for the start of our Halloween Haunt event on Friday,” said park spokesman Don Helbig, “park visitors will not find a depiction of Steve McNair in any scenes.” “You’re gonna see Ted Kennedy, Ed McMahon and there’s still other ones yet to be placed,” Helbig told the local news station who broke the story. Other dead celebrities included in the display are Michael Jackson in pajamas, Health Ledger with pill bottles and Sonny Bono on skis. Source

To quote my buddy Ashleigh, ‘Not funny.’

Rick Ross Robbery Investigation Ongoing

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Rapper Rick Ross was robbed losing a laptop and $60K in jeweler.  Tennessee police have reached out the the public to help them identify the two women who robbed him back in June.

This all went down after a performance at the Municipal Auditorium when Rick and other rappers encountered some women in the lobby.  The women left and then came back, somehow gaining entrance to his hotel room when they robbed him and fled the scene.

“It (the survailence tape) shows a lot of good facial features as well as clothing within the hotel, so they’re very identifiable, I believe, to the individual that would know them,” James Vivrette of Metro PD told News Channel 5.


Even the crappiest hotels have safes…if no one was there to protect his stuff then why didn’t they spend the extra $30 to put their precious gems away?

Tamia, Debra Cox and Kelly Price Form Super Group

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Debora Cox, Tamia and Kelly Price are doing it LSG style and forming a super group.  They’re calling themselves ‘The Queen Project’ and their first single ‘Queen’ will be released soon.

“Truly I am excited because what we’re doing has never been done before with three women on CD,” Price told Black Vouces. “Each of us in our own right is a true vocalist and while I am loving what we’re doing in the studio, I just can’t wait for people to see our live show!”

“I’m so excited to work with these ladies because I’m a fan first,” Tamia offered. “It is fun and we have a really good time together. There’s something special here musically and we have a genuine bond.”

Cox added: “I fee the same way. It’s really the most exciting project I’ve been a part of. We’re going to be raising the bar just a tad. It’s great to work with likeminded individuals. We have the same sentiments as singers, mothers and wives!”

“My goal was to highlight the amazing talents individually, while blending them together to unite for this mega project. This is a unique union that will provide the music you have come to expect from these three superstars,” said producer Shep Crawford.

They plan to release their album in early 2010 and they’ll be performing together for the first time at the Circle of Sisters expo in NY on October 10th. Source

All of these ladies can blow.  I wonder if they’ll be able to downplay their big voices to compliment each other.

Samantha Burke Gives Birth to Jude Law’s Baby

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Jude Law’s once mistress, has given birth to his fourth child. Samantha Burke met Jude last year while he was shooting ‘Sherlock Holmes’ in New York.   She gave birth to a baby girl and Jude wasn’t there.

One of Samantha’s friends said, “I doubt Jude was there. Besides the financial support, he’s not involved.

Jude’s three other children are with ex Sadie Frost. Source

Hit it and quit it I see.  Don’t these people know what a condom is?

Jay Sounds Off on Lil’ Mama Incident

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Jay-Z spoke to Angie Martinez at NYC’s Hot 97 about the whole Lil’ Mama incident and he compared her to Kanye.

He said, “I would never do that. I would never have the nerve to do that. We go to rehearsals, we do run-throughs, and we work really hard on the performance to put on a show for people. And to interrupt that moment for us, I don’t think that was the right thing to do.

“I actually thought it was the equivalent of what Kanye did to Taylor Swift but nobody really talked about that because I’m not a lil sweet girl from middle America.

I’m cool with her being excited and all that, but you also have to understand people put in work to make that performance happen–the planning of it, there’s a lot of planning that went into that performance. To disrupt that is out of line.

“…To be honest, I was a little angry–but what imma do, fight Lil mama?” Source

I feel him on everything he’s saying.  Both acts were disrespectful and absolutely unnecessary.  No respect for the llama.  I would pay money though to see his backstage flip out right after the performance.  Who am I kidding? It’s a recession, I’m not paying for ish…not even getting my eyebrows done these days. Don’t judge me.

Madonna Keeps Lindsay Out of VIP

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Madonna dissed Lindsay Lohan at a party last week.  Madge reportedly told her security to keep Lindz out of the VIP booth at an opening party for the Boom Boom Room club at The Standard Hotel in NYC.

Supposedly Madonna is jealous that Lindsay was named as ‘artistic adviser’ to fashion house Emanuel Ungary instead of her.

Mounir Moufarrige, president of the fashion house said of Lindsay: “She knows clothes. She will be a travelling advertisement, and will bring something younger, more cool, with a different attitude to the brand.”


  1. It’s sad that Madge is being such a bitchy baby.
  2. It’s sad that Lindsay no longer has the pull to get into ANY VIP room in the city.

Terrence Howard says, ‘Wash Your Hands!’

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Terrence Howard is featured in a billboard ad urging people to warsh their hands.  We know that a while ago he was quoted talking about how women who only use toilet paper and not baby wipes are dirty. Source

Sigh.  I can’t stress enough how much Terrence scares the be Jesus out of me.  I’ve said before he reminds me of that lady beater boyfriend some of us have had that molly wop you all up and down the hallway and then say in a creepy sweet voice, “Baby, look what you made me do.  Now go clean yourself up.  You look a mess.”

Lil’ Boosie Gets 2 Years

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Rapper Lil’ Boosie has been sentenced to two years in jail.  He plead guilty to drug possession and gun charges after police arrested him last year, finding a gun, a blunt and other drugs on him when they pulled him over.


Well at least he fessed up.


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Additional Charges for Howard K. Stern in Anna’s Death

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Howard K. Stern, Anna Nicole Smith’s lawyer/boyfriend, has had more charges filed against him in connection with her death.  Prosecutors claim he helped get the drugs that killed her.  They say that he helped two doctors, Dr. Sandeep Kapoor and Dr. Khristine Eroshevich, who are charged with improperly prescribing the drugs that killed her back in ’07.

Stern’s attorney said the additional charges were filed because prosecutors realized their case against him was weak. “They are using a shotgun approach,” Steve Sadow said. “They are throwing everything at him to see what sticks, and nothing will stick.” Sadow argues his client should not be blamed for Smith’s death because Stern was relying on the doctors to treat the former model, who he said was recovering from an illness at the time of her death.

“Anna Nicole was a very strong-willed woman,” Sadow said. “She took the prescription medications because she thought it was in her best interest to control her pain.” Source

Like Uncle Wacko, poor Anna surrouned herself with really bad people.  She may have ended up dying at some point.  But with their help she met her fate a lot sooner.

Jamie was Motivated to Learn the Cello to Get Chicks

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Jamie Foxx learned how to play the cello for his movie The Soloist’ and he found it to be a real struggle.  However, when he realized he could pull in the chicks with this new talent he was all over it.

Director Joe Wright says, “He learnt how to play the cello and he practiced for six months. He was not fully committed for the first few weeks and then he discovered that girls quite like it when fellas play classical musical instruments and that upped his game.” Source

Hilarious, only Jamie.

Vid of Young Rihanna Singing was Doctored

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Looks like the guy who pranked us with that altered video of Beyonce supposedly singing horribly may be responsible for the video of Rihanna below:

I saw this vid a while ago and thought she was possessed. “Get out of her, you lifeless Devil!”  But after watching the original vid she doesn’t sound AS whiney or yodel-like as in the above vid.


My question is: what’s her excuse now?

Coco Pic of the Day

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Here’s a pic of Coco, Ice and his daughter Latesha at the Baby Phat show during fashion week.  I knew about his son.  But am I the only one who didn’t know he had a daughter?

Promo Time: ‘It’s Me Again’ by Stacey L. Moor

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Below is sneak peak #2 of “It’s Me Again,” a novel from author Stacey L. Moor.  The book will be available on October 13th.  I’ll update you with how you can get your hands on it shortly.  Until then, enjoy…


‘It’s Me Again’ by Stacey L. Moor

She giggles her way to the fridge and I try hard not to look… really hard. It wasn’t my fault that my highlighter fell. I promise.

Ok so I’m lying. This would be the part where the action pauses and you draw on the devilish grin, spiky goatee and the horns. I’m a man, what can I say?

She opens the door and leans back looking into the fridge. Summer taps the tip of her shoe on the floor as well as her hand on the counter and I wonder what song she’s thinking of.

The tiny vibrations led up her leg and made her butt jiggle beneath the black spandex that seemed to be painted on. It was hard to twist back upright in my seat before she turned around. I ruffled the papers in my hand and uncapped my highlighter and made a few lines trying to throw her off.

I could hear her hair rustle against the collar of her sorority wind breaker and I just knew she was shaking her head behind me but I’m not saying anything about it until she does. Even if she asks me, I’ll just deny it. Yup. Sure will.

She says, “Do you have a menu? I didn’t eat all day and I can feel a headache coming on.”

“They’re all in the drawer by the fridge.”

I don’t get up on purpose because I want to watch her. I know it sounds wrong but it’s not. You have to appreciate a woman like her and that includes taking it all in.

“In the mood for anything particular?”


“Five-dollar Chinese it is then,” she says putting her butt against the counter, sorting through the choices.

“I want a number six with brown rice and wonton soup. See if they have Dr. Pepper this time.”

She eyes me with disbelief before reading off what it is I wanted. “You want the squid and tofu?”

“Yeah. No, what?”

She laughs as I look at her confused on what menu was she looking at because I wanted the sesame chicken.

“You said the number six right? That’s squid and tofu.”

“No, it’s not.”

“Here, look.”

I shuffle to where she stands and take the menu from her only to be pushed against the counter and have a wedgie invade my comfort zone.

“Kobe is the shit like your doo-doo stains!”

She laughs as she claps her victory loudly in the vacant dorm where salvation came for lost keys. Her smile disarms the menace that would retaliate with actions similar to her own but worse. I step toward her with bad intentions while digging out the intruder. Broad shoulders are pushed back beyond my invisible crown that illuminates underneath a flickering sixty watt bulb.

I’m a king damn it. She’s going to respect me as such.

My slow steps towards her predict that whatever’s going to come won’t be pretty. Her anticipation leads to forgetting her surroundings and falling over the couch. She tosses a high pitched scream while she goes down.

She laughs before I can, popping up and fixing her clothes saying, “Nobody saw that.”

She makes me smile genuinely and my eyes get warm.

She’s gorgeous.

She’s younger than me.

A friend of a few friends, she is off limits.

Because she’s a good girl and I’m allergic to those.

Warnings came from several about the divinity of the deity that dog-eared my magazines for the products she wanted to research in order to emulate for her business project. They said don’t corrupt her, don’t pursue or lust for her, don’t assume that it is love with her.

Kevin Federline to Join Cast of ‘Celebrity Fit Club’

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I just reported that K-Fed’s ex, Shar Jackson, was saying that he didn’t care that he was tubby.  Well he cares enough to keep his 15 minutes of fame rolling.  He’s now signed on to join the cast of Celebrity Fit Club.

He was going to have his own reality show but that didn’t pan out so I guess he had to pick it up somehow.

Shar will also be on the show which will begin airing in February of 2010. Source

Oh this should be interesting…

Video of the Day

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Here’s a vid of Nene (Real Housewives of Atlanta) and Gretchen (Real Housewives of Orange County) getting plastered at lunch with their hubbies and kissing.  So messy!

Sarah Michelle Gellar Gives Birth

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Actors Freddie Prinze, Jr. and wife Sarah Michelle Gellar-Prinze welcomed a baby girl this past weekend named Charlotte Grace Prinze. Sarah Michelle’s rep says “The family is over the moon.” Source

Congrats you two.  Can’t wait to see pics.


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A new book about Barack and Michelle is coming out and the author, Christopher Anderson says that Michelle hates the attention other women give her husband.

He says, “On more than one occasion, Barack tried not to look startled when some random woman in the crowd would grasp him firmly by the derriere — and sometimes try to hold on.”
After an appearance in Peoria, Ill., the future president slid into the back of his SUV, and allegedly said, “Jesus, I wish they’d stop grabbing my ass.” “Michelle, understandably was not amused,” Andersen writes. He quotes her as saying, “. . . I want to tell these women, ‘Back off. Get a life.’ It’s just embarrassing, that’s all.”

There was one woman, Vera Barker, who worked on his campaign, that was a particular problem.

“When Baker suddenly and inexplicably vanished from the campaign and resurfaced on the Caribbean island of Martinique, tongues reportedly began wagging. A jealous Michelle, it was suggested, had engineered Baker’s departure.”

Baker supposedly later told a reporter, “Nothing happened . . . I don’t have anything to say.” Source

If this is true, which it very well may be, then kudos to Michelle.  Oh, and Barack, as the first Black President, you have ZERO room for error.

Taylor Swift Walks Out of Interview

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Taylor Swift is so tired of the whole Kanye West thing that she walked out on an interview.  She was at a Tampa Bay radio station and the DJ only wanted to talk about Kanye.  After answering three questions she said: “I really would appreciate if we could talk about something else- because I’ve asked you three times now.

“I’m trying to be nice about it. Because it’s not something that we need to spend this whole interview talking about.”

The DJ then said: “It’s good for your career though… Because you are the hero here and he is the zero.”

She then promptly got up, didn’t say a word and walked the hell out. Source

This is the one move Taylor, that just might make me like you.  Nice!

Tyra Likes Being Nude

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Tyra says that she loves being in the buff. She says, “I always feel great when I don’t have clothes on… I always feel good that way.”

Sometimes she’d actually feel better without clothes.

She adds, “Sometimes certain clothes, when I put them on and they don’t fit the way that I would like them to, that’s when I tend to get self-conscious.” Source

I hear that TyTy Baby. I say this as I post from the comfort of my couch in noting but boyshorts and some legwarmers…yea that’s how Lo does when she’s home alone.

Khloe and Lamar Confirm Wedding; Joe Francis to Throw Bachelor Party

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Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom were just engaged after a few weeks of dating and they’re gtting married this Sunday.  Khloe confirmed the wedding via her blog.

“I’m thrilled to finally be able to tell you that the news is true…” she wrote on her website. “Lamar and I are getting married on Sunday!!! I couldn’t be happier and I’m so excited that I can finally share the news with all of you.

“Your well wishes have meant the world to me and I am truly so blessed to have such amazing fans, family and friends during this incredible time in my life.”

What a hot mess! I love it!

(Lo excuses herself to fire up her baby Doppler machine cus it looks like a fetus storm is a brewin’.

In other Khlo-Mar (yea I just made that up) News…


Girls Gone Wild douche, Joe Francis and Khloe’s brother Rob are hosting Lamar Odom’s bachelor party.  The eent will be held tonight at Les Deux nightclub in Hollywood .  If the flier is real, then there will be midgets, poles, booze, tunes and candy. Source

I’m sorry but this sounds horrific not fun. My friends joke that when I get married they’re going to throw me a bachelorette party with wee male strippers.  It’s so rude how they prey on my phobia and would be willing to risk me having a full psychotic break days before my wedding. Evil heifers.

Madonna Addicted to Sweets?

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Madonna says that she used to be obsessed with sweets.

She said: “My dream was always to work in a candy store. It was because of my obsession with candy. I’m not obsessed anymore, now that my teeth are all rotten!”

She added: “When I moved to the Big Apple, that was when I knew that that’s what I was going to do – be a singer and a songwriter and an entertainer.

“I didn’t care if I had to starve, and live in a room with five guys, and wash in a sink; that was what I’m going to do. And because I lived a pretty dismal life and I didn’t care.”


I see where her most recent album names came from. What’s her obsession now? Looking like Skelator and bedding me who could have come out of her push box?


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Booze: The Great Motivator

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Jay-Z used booze to keep his Def Jam employees happy.

“Basically at 4pm on Fridays we’d all have Bellinis,” he explained. “Alcohol can smooth everyone out.

“I’m not promoting drinking to young people though!”

He also talks about the transition from the mike to the boardroom.

“The first day I had to be in the office it was mind-boggling,” he said. “I didn’t really know what they expected from me. I was the first one in the office.

“People would see me and be like, ‘Hey, erm, how you doing?’ I don’t think they got their heads round me being the boss, not the artist.” Source

That’s my kinda boss. Screw Diddy, can I work for Jay?

Jessica’s Cold Almost Ruins JT’s Chance to Go to the Emmys

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Justin Timberlake went to the Primetime Emmys for the first time this past Sunday and it was almost ruined by his girlfriend Jessica Biel’s cold.

She couldn’t make it because she was sick and he showed with another date, her cold.

He says, “I’m fighting off a cold and she’s sick as well… We’re quite a pair right now.” Source

That’s no the reason I hear for him coming solo, but I’ll tell you all about that a little later on when I get some confirmation.


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‘Run This Town’ Spoof

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Here’s a spoof on the Chris Brown Larry King interview and the Jay-Z/Kanye/Rihanna “Run this Town” video.  Alls I got to say is Affion Crockett…you are my hero.

Ashanti to Honor ‘The Wizard of Oz’s’ 75th Anniversary

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Ashanti, after her stint on Broadway as Dorothy in ‘The Wiz,’ will be joining Judy Garland’s daughter, Lorna Luft in celebrating the 70th anniversary of ‘The Wizard of Oz’

They’ll both be performing at the Emerald Gala at Tavern On The Green, in NYC this week.
The surviving five original Munchkins from the film will also appear at the event and it will be hosted by Tavern on the Green owner Jennifer Oz LeRoy, the granddaughter of The Wizard of Oz producer Mervyn LeRoy.

Am I the only one sorta scared by the Wizard of Oz? Every time I watch the movie I feel weird inside and can’t sleep.

Scott Storch to Work with C-Breezy

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Producer Scott Storch is working on getting his career back and he’s turning to an artist he worked with in the past.  Scott produced Chris Brown’s ‘Run It!’ and was able to land a gig working with Chris this summer.

Scott’s manager, Derek Jackson, says he had to convince the Chris’s team to give Storch a second chance.
He says, “I had to beg Chris’ manager, but the s**t is strong.”
Scott says, “I’ve got to prove myself to the people who write checks. (But) people will see that everything is intact.” Source

Talk about a dream team.  Lordie. Well good luck or whatever.

Shar Says K-Fed Doesn’t Care About Weight

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Kevin Federline’s ex, Shar Jackson, says that he doesn’t care that he’s gained weight.

She says, “He doesn’t care.  The beautiful thing about him is that he could care less.”

She said he’s doing good and adds that he makes time for the two kids he has with her. “He calls them all the time,” she told Us. “They have good long phone conversations. I’m like, ‘Ok, that’s good. Hang up the phone ’cause we have stuff to do.’” Source

This ignorant cuss really grates my cheese. 1. it’s not beautiful to not care about being obese. 2. Why is he only having phone convos with his kids as opposed to seeing them regularly? 3. If al he does is chat with them on the phone why are you rushing them off?


Christina Talks About Past Abuse

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Christina Aguilera has been speaking out about the abuse that went on I her home as a child.

She says, “I witnessed a lot of unpleasant things – a lot of pushing and shoving and fighting and quarreling. Growing up I did not feel safe. Feeling powerless is the worst feeling in the world. I turned to singing as an outlet. The pain at home is where my love for music came from.”

Even though her dad has tried to weasel his way bak in X-tina ai’t havin’ it. “I let him back into my life briefly but I soon realised that he is not necessary in my life.”

Shelly, Christina’s mom says that she once found Christina with a bloody chin. “I scooped her up and said, ‘Oh my God. What’s wrong?’ She told me, ‘Daddy wanted to take a nap and I made too much noise.’” Source

People with rough backgrounds usually make the best artists.  At least she can pull from the pain.

Mimi Curses Live on Oprah

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Mariah Carey appears on Oprah’s live from New York  show and during her interview she dropped an F-bomb.

Oprah asks her about her physical transformation for the film Precious and she said, “I didn’t even know what to do, man. I was like, ‘This is so ugly, I don’t know what to do.’ He put dark stuff under my eyes, he … put fluorescent lighting, the most hideous lighting. Some people had the most beautiful, angelic lighting, and I looked at Lee like, ‘You motherf-cker, why did you do this to me?’” Source

Nothing like a good ole F-bomb for daytime TV.  Thanks Meemz.

Coco Pic of the Day

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What fascinates me more than the visible teat veins and flexible ability is the shoe collection. I’m not into heels like that but I have a few friends who would punch a baby in the face to get their hands on those shoes.

Amy Watch 2009

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1. Amy drops her appeal against drug charges. Source

2. Amy serenades her new boo in the tropics.  Source

3. Amy gets into a fight while on holiday.  Source

4. Amy is a terrorist target. Source

5. Amy’s husband filed for divorce. Source

6. Amy is named Loser of the Year. Source

7. Amy wont let Black divorce her. Source

8. Amy starts a record label and signs her god daughter. Source

9.  Amy may have screwed herself in her divorce battle. Source

10. Amy is headed to the UK to salvage her marriage. Source

11. Amy puts her parents in charge. Source

12. Blake’s trying to list Amy’s conquests. Source

13. Takes a little trip to the hospital. Source

14. Amy’s moving to the Caribbean. Source

15. Amy’s hubby is free. Source

16. Amy’s chasing after Blake. Source

17. Amy’s looking good, well better at least. Source

18. Amy is charged with assault.  Source

19. Amy’s having trouble writing new material. Source

20. Amy’s dad thinks she’s dumb. Source

21. Amy’s got some business ventures on the mind. Source

22. Amy is back in St. Lucia. Source

23. No collabos for Amy and Em. Source

24. Amy’s Ex Might Be a Daddy soon. Source

25. Amy’s got a new fling. Source

26. Amy’s in the clinic. Source

27. St. Lucia bar named after Amy’s #1 hit.. Source

28. Amy gearing up for an album release? Source

29. Amy’s comeback show is a no-go. Source

30.  Amy Winehouse the designer?

31. Amy does charity? Source

32. Amy’s mom says she needs to be rescued. Source

33. Amy to create a line of greeting cards. Source

34. No more dogs for Amy. Source

35.  Amy is going back to the UK. Source

36.  Amy trashed resort suite she stayed in in St. Lucia.  Source

37. Mark Ronson still wants to work with Amy. Source

38. Amy gets off for assault charge. Source

39.  Amy asks her goddaughter for advice. Source

40. Amy wants to get back with Blake and have babies.

41. Amy makes surprise appearance at V Festival. Source

42. Amy’s dad catches her in bed with Blake. Source

43. Amy gets painful oral surgery. Source

44. Amy signed goddaughter to new label.

More Details…

Amy has created a new label, Lioness Records, and hopes to launch her goddaughter, Dionne Bromfield’s career.  The 13-year-old will be releasing her first album next month.

Amy says: “The first time I heard Dionne sing, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, such an amazing voice from such a young girl. She’s so much better than I was at her age. I’m just so proud of her.

“I’m very lucky to have a record label. I’ve got all these people that I love that are really talented – and Dionne is my number one.

“She’s a great songwriter and guitarist but I want her to experience life so she can write more.

“Singing songs that are so personal, it’s deep. But she knows what she’s doing. To be honest, when I say Dionne’s like my sister, a lot of the time she’s like my older sister.”

Amy says the label name comes from a lioness pendant her grandmother Cynthia gave her before she passed a few years ago.

She said, “My nanny was like my best friend. She was the sweetest, strongest, most amazing person I ever met. When I was thinking of what to call the label, I picked up the necklace. Source

Good luck Dionne!  Hopefully your success will keep Amy together as well.

Jay-Z Flipped Backstage After Lil’ Mama Stage Crash

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Word is that Jay-Z lost his shit backstage after Lil’ Mama crashed his performance.

According to NY Daily News, “He went ballistic. He was screaming at the MTV producers about the lack of security. He apparently thought at first she was just a fan. Beyoncé finally calmed him down.” Source

I applaud him for maintaining his composure that long.  As previously stated, Lo “Molly Wop” Poullard woulda swatted that silly fly right into the crowd…ignorant…just ignorant.

Hot Links!

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Gisele Bundchen has been appointed a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations Environment Program. – HollywoodRag

Yoko Ono thinks Brit deserves more respect – InCaseYouDidn’tKnow

Kelly Clarkson says: ‘I’m a Big Fan of My Butt.’ – PopEater

Diddy Gets Fronts…Lo Weeps Inside

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Sean “Beady Eyes and Unfortunate Teeth” Combs has decided that gold fronts are the best way to accessorize his chomps.  He was seen partying his past weekend in Vegas for the Mayweather / Marquez fight looking crazy. Source

Sigh.  I will never get the whole grill nonsense…especially for people whose palates are malformed (*Coughs “Diddy”).

Amanda Bynes Denies Relationship with Kid Cudi

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Actress Amanda Bynes says that there’s nothing to the rumors that she’s dating Kid Cudi.  She insists they’re “just friends”.
The two have been seen getting cozy lately and sources say that although he’s been telling pals that she’s dating her, she’s not ready to go public with the relationship. Source

I don’t know a thing about either of them. But am I the only one that feels like their an odd couple?

Serena is Peddling Tampons

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Serena “I will shove this ball down your throat” Williams has got a new endorsement.  Procter and Gamble has signed her to endorse their Tampax Tampons.  She’ll be appearing in their billboard, print and web ads posing her against mother nature in a tennis match. Source

Well I guess her behavior recently didn’t deter them.  Gook look Serena!

Dame Dash is Trying to Come Back

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Dame Dash is trying to get back into the spot light again.  Since splitting from Jay-Z he’s had a sad fall from grace.  But he’s producing a new album called BlacRoc, where a few artists will be vocalizing over music by a rock/blues group called The Black Keys. Mos Def, Jim Jones, Ludacris and Pharoahe Monch have signed on to the project.

Well good for you Dame. Hopefully this project will garner some cash so he can pay off all that debt he’s in.

Kathy and Paula Duke it Out on Divas Live

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2009 VH1 Divas - Show

Paula Abdul hosted the VH1 “Divas Live” concert last week and there was a short segment where Kathy Griffin shared the stage with her. Well apparently after being the butt of many of Kathy’s jokes Paula almost refused to appear on stage with her.

“Paula had to be coaxed onstage to present with Kathy.  Kathy has made fun of her A LOT in the past, and she’s still pretty offended. She was leery about what Kathy might say about her in public.”

“It’s very tough for me emotionally,” Griffin has joked of Abdul’s departure from “Idol.” “I can’t imagine my life without Paula. In a way that Paula can’t imagine her life without, let’s say, a little Vicodin.”

Paula asked Kathy to promise – in front of the live audience – that she won’t make fun of her kooky ways anymore. But Kathy went off the TelePrompTer and said, “I pinky swear I won’t make fun of you … until Kelly Clarkson comes on.” Source

Paula, nice try standing up to Kathy, but there’s no shot in hell she’s gonna stop.  Just embrace the hate honey.  Cus as long as people are talking about you (good or bad) that means you’re relevant.

Jay Wants to Do Yoga With Chris Martin

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Jay-Z reportedly wants yoga lessons from Coldplay front man Chris Martin.  He’s been rolling with the band on tour and he’s jealous of Chris’ flexibility.

He said: “I try and work out four times a week – cardio, weights, push ups, pull ups – but I haven’t for a month because of vacation and touring.

“Chris hasn’t tried to get me to do yoga yet but I am close to doing it. I’m envious of what he can do on stage. Watching him is amazing, he can really move. I want to be able to move like that, get my leg behind my ear, things like that.” Source

Really Jay? I can barely stand to look at Chris in action. It’s like a full bodied dry heave…but if you’re into that then whatevs.

The Hoff Trips and Falls HARD

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David Hasselhoff has been hospitalized for alcohol poisoning after his daughter found him at home completely trashed.  The 17-year-old Hayley, called her mother Pamela Bach, who then called paramedics.

This was happening at 3 in the afternoon and isn’t the first time that we’ve seen David blitzed…nor is it the first time his daughter has been subjected to this. Source

David honey, get it together. Drunken behavior like this is unacceptable before 8pm…and your daughter found you like this. I can’t…I just can’t.

Leona Lewis Gets Tatted Up

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Leona Lewis just got her first tattoo, which some are saying goes against her clean image.  The tattoo on the left side of her left wrist as a tribute to her boyfriend Lou Al-Chama.

She says, “It’s incredibly private and something that we both had done. It’s Hebrew letters and I’m thrilled with it. I can’t reveal what it is. Some things need to remain private for me.”  Source

First of all I don’t see how shocking this is. I mean everyone and their grandmamma has a tattoo so this isn’t a big deal.  Second of all, WHY would anyone, for their very first tattoo get something dedicated to their significant other? Although my first tattoo is a dragon tramp stamp so who am I to talk?

Tyra’s Awkward Interview

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In the above video (which is awkward as hell to watch by the way) answers, or rather, refuses to answer certain questions in lieu of smiling and staring blankly while her publicist yes off camera, “She’s not gonna go there!”

I love the interviewer for “Oh, but I am going there!” Priceless. Source

2009 Primetime Emmys: Winners and Pics

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Primetime Emmy Awards Show

Drama Series: “Mad Men,” AMC.

Comedy Series: “30 Rock,” NBC.

Actor, Drama Series: Bryan Cranston, “Breaking Bad,” AMC.

Actress, Drama Series: Glenn Close, “Damages,” FX Networks.

Actor, Comedy Series: Alec Baldwin, “30 Rock,” NBC.

Actress, Comedy Series: Toni Collette, “United States of Tara,” Showtime.

Supporting Actor, Drama Series: Michael Emerson, “Lost,” ABC.

Supporting Actress, Drama Series: Cherry Jones, “24,” Fox.

Supporting Actor, Comedy Series: Jon Cryer, “Two and a Half Men,” CBS.

Supporting Actress, Comedy Series: Kristin Chenoweth, “Pushing Daisies,” ABC.


It’s time for that baby to come out…it’s a little too comfortable in there.


Since I respect my elders I’ll just move on to the next pic.

emmy 5

Kim looks very J-lo-esque here, no?


Oh So Dressy meets Davids Bridal, meets a bunch of sewer rats strong enough to hold on to taffeta with their teet for the entire event.  I mean really, what is that hanging from her dress?


I think Obama is cool too but this is just dumb.


Why would anyone (other than Beyonce) feel the necessity to make themselves look wider?


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Mayweather Wipes the Floor with Marquez

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Floyd Mayweather beat out Juan Manuel Marquez easily for the fight for the lightweight championship.  You could tell in the second round when Marquez went down that this was gonna be a rough night for him.  Floyd spent the rest of the rounds chin checking him and buzzing around him like a damn bee.  Poor fella didn’t have a chance.

“He’s a great little man. He was really hard to fight and he kept taking some unbelievable shots,” Mayweather said. “When I dropped him with that shot, which I don’ t think he saw, he got back up and kept on fighting.”

“I’ve been off for two years, so I felt like it took me a couple rounds to really know I was back in the ring again. I know I’ll get better,” Mayweather said. “Marquez is as tough as nails.”

“He’s too fast. When I hit him he would laugh but I knew he felt my punches. I tried to work the speed, but the difference was the weight. If I had three or four fights at this weight I would’ve done better”


I thought Marquez would win for sure.  I didn’t know anything about him other than he drinks his own piss…and anyone who does that has GOT to be tough.

Tommy Hilfiger Says No to Hookers

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Ashley Dupre, the call girl known for taking down the Gov. of NY, was trying to make an appearance at the Tommy Hilfiger party during fashion week. But Tommy told Russell Simmons, the music mogul she’s called her mentor, to tell her ‘no thanks.’

Paul Wilmont, a Hilfiger rep, told the NY Post, “Tommy didn’t feel her presence would be appropriate.” Source

Yes, ho sit down…just not at my event.

New Kicks of the Day

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Adidas teamed up with Def Jam to celebrate the label’s 25th anniversary.  They’ve put together a pack featuring collaborations with Def Jam artists like Young Jeezy, Ghostface Killah and Redman.


“The collection consists of co-branded footwear out of the Five-Two-3 range and apparel styles like t-shirts, track tops and hoodies featuring the Trefoil logo as well as the Def Jam sign-off or the legendary graphics such as the turntable tone arm graphic.”

Redman’s collection features artwork and lyrics from his debut album with Def Jam, “Whut? Thee Album” (1992).



The jacket ain’t so bad but that electric red in the shoes is burning a hole in my cornea.

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Coco Pic of the Day

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This is her skater look as per her TwitPic page…I personally would love to see this in motion.

Mani-Tini Mixer: Success!!!

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The first ever Mani-Tini Mixer was a huge success and I’d like to thank my planners Pabvon Carter of Pabvon Carter Event Planning, Sheri Ferdinand of Ramenberry, Denise Mojica of Makeup by Denise Mojica, and Chris Wilson, IT guru and impromptu photog of the event.  Everyone did an awesome job and this event would not have been possible without their expertise, input, planning, and hosting skills.  I’d also like to give a special thank you to all of you who showed up to network and have a great time.  I had a blast and I hope everyone else did as well.

If you missed this event rest assured that there will be more and TRUST they’ll only get better.  I’ll keep you posted as to when the next event is.  To view pics from Fashion 40 click here.

Please note the pictures in this album were taken by Lady Pabvon.


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Hot Links!

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Jude Law’s baby mama wants $200,000 for baby pictures and tell-all – Celebitchy
Jay-Z will not be adding old Roc-A-Fella artist to Roc Nation. – HipHopWired

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen want to name their unborn son Gabriel. – JustJared

Matt Damon and Michael Douglas to play lovers – Moviefone
Whitney Houston’s Million Dollar video – PopBytes
Is Amy Winehouse ready for a comeback? – PopBytes

Katt Williams to Release New DVD

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Kat Williams is coming out with a new comedy DVD called ‘Katt Williams: Pimpadelic.’  The DVD will feature a never before seen interview as well as formerly lost concert footage.

Producer and CEO of Codeblack Entertainment Jeff Clanagan, who is producing the DVD, said,

“What’s special about Pimpadelic is that you get a hilarious concert performance and you also get a chance to see the personal side of Katt through the unearthed back-stage footage and rare and never-before-seen interview we were able to acquire from Katt’s personal vault. You get to relate to Katt in a way that we haven’t been ableto before. It’s quite insightful.”

The DVD will be in stores October 13th.


I can’t wait.  I only wish it was going to air on TV.  I can’t afford to buy ish…it’s a recession damnit!

Amy Watch 2009

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1. Amy drops her appeal against drug charges. Source

2. Amy serenades her new boo in the tropics.  Source

3. Amy gets into a fight while on holiday.  Source

4. Amy is a terrorist target. Source

5. Amy’s husband filed for divorce. Source

6. Amy is named Loser of the Year. Source

7. Amy wont let Black divorce her. Source

8. Amy starts a record label and signs her god daughter. Source

9.  Amy may have screwed herself in her divorce battle. Source

10. Amy is headed to the UK to salvage her marriage. Source

11. Amy puts her parents in charge. Source

12. Blake’s trying to list Amy’s conquests. Source

13. Takes a little trip to the hospital. Source

14. Amy’s moving to the Caribbean. Source

15. Amy’s hubby is free. Source

16. Amy’s chasing after Blake. Source

17. Amy’s looking good, well better at least. Source

18. Amy is charged with assault.  Source

19. Amy’s having trouble writing new material. Source

20. Amy’s dad thinks she’s dumb. Source

21. Amy’s got some business ventures on the mind. Source

22. Amy is back in St. Lucia. Source

23. No collabos for Amy and Em. Source

24. Amy’s Ex Might Be a Daddy soon. Source

25. Amy’s got a new fling. Source

26. Amy’s in the clinic. Source

27. St. Lucia bar named after Amy’s #1 hit.. Source

28. Amy gearing up for an album release? Source

29. Amy’s comeback show is a no-go. Source

30.  Amy Winehouse the designer?

31. Amy does charity? Source

32. Amy’s mom says she needs to be rescued. Source

33. Amy to create a line of greeting cards. Source

34. No more dogs for Amy. Source

35.  Amy is going back to the UK. Source

36.  Amy trashed resort suite she stayed in in St. Lucia.  Source

37. Mark Ronson still wants to work with Amy. Source

38. Amy gets off for assault charge. Source

39.  Amy asks her goddaughter for advice. Source

40. Amy wants to get back with Blake and have babies.

41. Amy makes surprise appearance at V Festival. Source

42. Amy’s dad catches her in bed with Blake. Source

43. Amy undergoes painful oral surgery.

More Details…

Amy went to the dentist in hopes of repairing the damage she’s done with drugs and alcohol to her teeth.  She had fillings done as well as extractions and the work done has put her in a considerable amount of pain.

A source says, “Amy’s teeth were in a pretty gross state. They were brown and stained and needed major work on them and she was determined to get them back to their sparkling best.
“It’s all major work and it’s left her in almost constant pain, but she thinks the sacrifice is worth it. She’s been given some very strong drugs to cope with the pain.”
She had a gig last week that she had to stop part of the way through due the pain she was in. Source

Dental work is NO joke. I once had a cavity that came out of nowhere and effed my whole game up.  Then after I got the molar removed ihad to deal with a gaping hole in my mouth, swelling and pain medicine that made me a complete basket case. Feel better Amz…and I can’t wait to see her teefus looking better.

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Fergie and Sued

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Two BEP members are headed to court. and Fergie are being sued for copyright infringement for a song co-written by Will, titled “Voodoo Doll” for Fergie’s album, The Duchess.

Grounded Music label says the song is a carbon copy of the song, “Each One Teach One” by the group Groundation.

Grounded Music owns rights to the product and say the song “is substantially and strikingly similar” to “Each One Teach One”.  Source

This isn’t the first time they’ve been sued for stealing music.  Maybe they should pump their breaks and make sure folks research all the tunes that come across their desk.  I’m gonna give them the same warning I issued Bey: Swiper no swiping!

Charlize Won’t Marry Til Her Gays Can

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Actress Charlize Theron wants to show her support of the gay community by refusing to get married until her gay friends can do so legally as well.

She told The View: “I don’t want to get married because right now the institution of marriage feels very one-sided, and I want to live in a country where we all have equal rights.

“I think it would be exactly the same if we were married, but for me to go through that kind of ceremony, because I have so many friends who are gays and lesbians who would so badly want to get married… I wouldn’t be able to sleep with myself.” Source

That’s awefully noble but about as useful as a hunger strike.  It only hurts yourself.   As a card carrying hag, I love my gays just as much as the next guy (actually more) but that ain’t gonna stop my ass from doin the watusi all the way down that aisle. Humph!

Amelle Quits Sugababes and is Replaced by Jade Ewen

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The Sugababes are experiencing a little bit of Destiny’s Child syndrome.  Member Amelle has quit the group and been replaced by singer Jade Ewen.

Amelle Berrabah was MIA all week and a statement from the label reads:

“Due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, we regret to inform you that Jade Ewen will be taking time off from all promotional activity for the foreseeable future.”

Amelle originally joined the group as a replacement herself.  She took the place of former member Mutya Buena. Source

Seems to be the way things go with these manufactured girl groups.  You can’t force people to get along. But the real question is: Did she quit or was she pushed out?

Jay-Z Talks About Kanyegate

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Jay-Z has spoken out about the Kanye incident saying “he didn’t kill anybody”.
Jay-Z says, “Of course it was rude because it was her moment, but that’s the way he really felt… I think it was rude, but the way they’re treating him…
“He’s on the cover of every paper. He didn’t kill anybody. No one got harmed. (He’s) a super passionate person.”


I heard Jay was actually upset with Bey for going against their camp by ‘siding’ with Taylor.  Anyone got some confirmation on this?

Teen Arrested in Lindsay Burglary

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A teen named Nicholas Prugo has been arrested for breaking into Lindsay’s home last month.  The 18-year-old is being held on $20K bail for one count of burglary.

Last month three people ransacked her home and took money, jewels, clothes and other private things.

On her Twitter she wrote, “My life has been kind of in shambles considering my house was broken into and I feel really violated. I know it was not a robbery. Electronics weren’t taken… just things that a certain old friend knew meant a lot to me.”

I wonder if Lindsay is going to be found responsible because one of the people on the surveillance vid looks like it could be her.

Bey Answers Interview Questions Oddly

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Beyonce did an interview with a Polish magazine where she talks about her marriage to Jay-Z.  And it went a little something like this:

Q:Since we’re on the subject of children, your husband Jay-z said recently: “Most of the people dream of having children, I am no exception.” Are you both planning, to start a family soon?

Beyonce: Someday, when the time is ripe but not in the near future.

Q: Jay-z is probably the most important man in your life. What are you doing together in your spare time?

Beyonce: (laugh) I dont know if he is.

Q: But I thought…

Beyonce (interrupts) Well, I love my nephew to death and he’s my everything.

Q: Do you and Jay live together?

Beyonce: Sometimes. (laugh)


Hmm…that’s an odd way to answer those questions.  What do you guys think she meant?

Scott Storch Opens Up; Reveals Interesting Conquest

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Scott Storch recently spoke out to talk about how he fell from grace.  He also talks about chopping down Kim Kardashian in the new interview.

“We’d be at a club and I’d decide to take everyone to Las Vegas,” Storch recalls. “Do more coke, f*** a bunch of girls. Be up for two days and decide at 11 in the morning to go buy a Rolls-Royce. I probably bought 10 cars when I was high.”

“It was out of control,” he told Style. “I was clubbing, drunk, and had more money than I knew what to do with … I was burning through about $250,000 a month, mostly on partying,” he added. “I was spending money I had no business spending.”

“Sure, it was fun. But the thing is, I didn’t make one good bit of music when I was high on coke. Not one bit.”

He says that at the height of his career he was breaking off some big names like Kim Kardashian who he says “was amazing.” She’s denied the claims.  You can read the rest of the interview here. Source

I wouldn’t admit doing the nasty with him either.  I mean ILK! He looks like a ninja turtle!

Nick Cannon’s Mama is Gutta…Much Respect

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Nick Cannon’s mom is reportedly very protective especially when it comes to the ladies he’s with.  He says, “Her and Mariah get along wonderfully and I love that because my mum, if she don’t like you, she’ll let you know instantly. A couple of my ex-girlfriends got restraining orders on my momma ‘cos she’ll pull up to your crib in an SUV and just wait. He adds, “She’s the nicest woman in the world but you do something wrong to her son, she’ll pull all the ex-gang member moves out… Sometimes they say something about me on the internet (and) my mom goes nuts on ‘em. She just gets in there and just finds out where they live… Forget a bodyguard, I’ve got a bodymomma.” Source

It’s true, if you’re in with mama, you’re pretty much golden.  I’m not mad at her gangsta AT All. And I’m just thankful that Mama Brewer likes me.  I love walking into the Brewer home and having Mama Brew say (after seeing Aaron), “Where’s my other baby?” Love you Mama Brew, and the whole Brew Crew.

Mani-Tini Mixer is On!!

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Wanna network and cut up with me and the rest of the Manifesto peanut gallery?  Then come out tonight (Friday September 18th)!  We’re holding the first networking event thrown by the Manifesto Part 2 in conjunction with Ramenberry, Pabvon Carter Event Planning and Makeup by Denise Mojica. Details are below.

Fashion 40

202 W. 40th btw 7th & 8th aves

New York, NY


Hope to see you there!!!!

Promo Time: ‘It’s Me Again’ by Stacey L. Moor

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Below is a sneak peak of “It’s Me Again,” a novel from author Stacey L. Moor.  The book will be available on October 13th.  Feel free to contact Mr. Moor directly (  I’ll update you with how you can get your hands on it shortly.  Until then, enjoy…

Its Me Again

‘It’s Me Again’ by Stacey L. Moor

By week’s end she phones and tells me that she needs to talk.

I flip my phone closed and prepare for the worst. Move the laundry off of the couch, put it back into the basket and set it on the bedroom floor against the dresser. Move sheet music off the kitchen table and push my keyboard back under the windowsill. She was parking when she called which meant-


I walk to the door as she presses the bell again. My hand to the knob, I open the door as I pull up my sweats.

She walks passed me.

Sunglasses still on, scarf wrapped tightly underneath her faux fur-lined coat and her heels clicking towards the bathroom. I push the door up and sigh as hard as I can while locking all the locks and even putting the chain on the door this time.

The water is running but not moving.

She’s standing there, looking at her reflection’s dismay. Tight lipped and statuesque, she is the woman of my dreams, in my house, sharing my bed. But she is NOT my woman. NOT my lover. NOT my soul’s end to twenty-seven years of searching and growing for her.

The water is gathering in the sink as it is in the tub.

She doesn’t look down.

She never looks down.

Just keeps her sights too high to see what’s right under her feet. She lives the life of a blinded tightrope walker in shackles, she was bound to fall.

Walks, runs, follows, jumps blindly… she never sees what’s there until there is nothing tangible to break her fall.

And now, she is falling.

Her voice cracks as she tries to sing along with the radio. My back is left of the door frame hardening with every labored breath she takes. Standing outside the bathroom, I look down the hall to the end of it thinking of how to end it all. Started staring at the hinges wondering if they squeaked or not.

Bobbing my head along with the beat, I sing along with her softly. Because ‘I’m so sick of love songs, so tired of tears, so done with wishing, that you were still here’ too.

Take a deep breath and move. Couldn’t be away from her for long these days.

I turn and see her bent over the sink touching her face. Pointer finger, Middle finger, should have my ring on it finger gauge the size of her bruise and if the rouge covered it all.

She sees me in the mirror and tilts her head away from the light.

She tries to smile it away.

Tries to cover her pain with what she knows will however, it usually hurts her worse when she smiles. He said she talked too much. Said she had a smart mouth. Said he was a man and to respect him as such. Put his hands on a female like she was an effin’ dude…

Smiling hurts her.

As does the bruise on her heart.

The one that I can see that makeup can’t cover.

Like the bruise on her cheek, the fingerprints on her arm, the marks on her neck.

She doesn’t have to explain.

I can feel what she’s thinking.

I had to do something.

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Chris Brown’s Having a Blast!

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Chris Brown is making me wish I had community service. He’s over there having a damn ball.  During his second day of community service he walked around without a shirt on and Tweeted pictures of himself saying, ‘Check out my outfit.’  He’s also been waving to the paps, whom he alerted when he’d be doing community service , by tweeting about it.  He’s also been seen chatting it up with officers and on his phone texting and sending photos. Source

Sounds like a day at Disney Land. Boy get to work! (Shirt Optional)…Sorry I’m a dirty, dirty old lady.

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Snippet of Jay-Z on Oprah

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The above vid is a sneak peak of Jay-Z on Oprah.  What do yall think about her taking back her vow to never have rappers on her show?

Kanye Gets Most Noms for BET Hip-Hop Awards

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The BET Hip-Hop Awards are coming up and our crazy cousin Kanye has been nominated for 9 awards. His “808 & Heartbreak” album sold over a million copies and he’s the artist with the most nominations for this year’s show.


I wonder when he’s going to take this sebatical he talked about on Jay Leno? Hopefully soon, so he can spare us his presence and inevitable inappropriate behavior at the Hip-Hop awards.

Oh wait, I don’t watch BET, nevermind. I’m good.

Latoya Communes With Michael Through Psychic

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Latoya Jackson has recently resorted to talking to psychic to communicate with Michael, according to The Globe.

“This woman psychic who lives in L.A. told La Toya some very personal details about Michael that only close family members would know.  La Toya knew right then that she was indeed in contact with Michael.


“Not only does she go to the psychic’s house, but sometimes in the middle of the night when she wakes up thinking of her brother, she knows she can pick up the phone, no matter what time it is and be linked to him via seer.

“He also communicates he’s constantly watching over his kids, Prince, Paris, Blanket, and sees they’re incredibly loved by their grandmother, Katherine, and the rest of the family,” the Globe source added. “Having this psychic connection to Michael is tremendously reassuring for her.” Source

Since she’s trying to get to the bottom of his death, maybe she should ask exactly what happened to him.

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Holly and Rob are Hookin Up?

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Former girlfriend of Hugh Hefner, Holly Madison, and Extreme Sports star, Rob Dyrdek are supposedly a couple.  The two were seen at Hollywood’s East getting extra cozy.

“They were very much in their own world and not paying attention to their surroundings,” an eyewitness tells E! News of the duo, who were first spotted together at XS in Vegas a few weeks ago. Source

Rob Dyrdek

If their reality show energy mixed together it would be a hot gooey mess.  And I’d watch every minute of it.


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