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50 Cent Throws the Worst Pitch EVA

Written on May 28, 2014 by

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50 Cent threw out the first pitch on Citi Field for the Mets-Pirates game last night and it was the most hilarious thing I’ve seen in ages.

Social media dragged him something serious.  So he responded by saying, “I’m a hustler not a damn ball player. Lmao” Source

Yea, clearly.

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50 Responds to Son’s Claim He Missed Graduation

Written on May 20, 2014 by

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50 Cent's son graduation 2

Image Source

50 Cent’s son, Marquise Jackson, put him on blast recently for not showing up at his graduation.  Well 50 has spoken out to say that he was intentionally blocked from attending his son’s graduation by his son’s mother, Shaniqua Tompkins.

Sources say 50 is really hurt by what his son has said and insists he was never told when or where the ceremony would be taking place. Source

I wonder what 50 will do to change the status of his relationship with his son.  The ball is in his court.  He has to remember he’s the adult in this situation.

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50 Cent Didn’t Attend His Son’s Graduation

Written on May 18, 2014 by

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Image Source

50 Cent’s son, Marquise Jackson, graduated from high school the other day.  But his father wasn’t there.  He posted the above photo with the caption: “Yea I broke down. I was really excited to see my pops at my graduation today but he never showed up. My sister and mama is always there for me. Just know that you wasn’t. I did it without you!” BSource

This is really unfortunate and sad.  Regardless of what you may be going through, graduation is an event that you want your parents to be there for.

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Fiddy Allegedly Hasn’t Seen His Son in 2 Years

Written on January 9, 2014 by

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Image Source

50 Cent’s first baby mama, Shaniqua Tompkins, says that he hasn’t spoken to his 17-year-old son, Marquise since their fight in July, and that he hasn’t seen him in almost two years.  She says that Marquise didn’t even know about 50’s 16-month-old son with model Daphne Joy until TMZ broke the story.

From TMZ:

50 Cent’s teenage son feels like he’s been replaced by the rapper’s new baby — saying he hasn’t seen his dad in nearly two years … in fact, he didn’t even know he had a half-brother until TMZ broke the story.

Marquise Jackson’s mother Shaniqua Tompkins tells TMZ, the last time 50 Cent saw 17-year-old Marquise was May 2012, several months before 50′s second child Sire Jackson was born.

Now Marquise feels abandoned … because 50 is showering Sire with attention and hasn’t bothered to reach out to Marquise.

As for 50, his rep tells TMZ, “50 is saddened by the attention-seeking tactics of his son’s mother. He remains a proud and supportive father and feels blessed to have two sons.” A source connected to 50 says the woman hasn’t worked since 2002 and this is ultimately a money grab. Source

Damn, this whole situation is sad as hell. There’s nothing a black boy needs more than his father in his life.

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Fiddy Ordered to Turn Over His Guns

Written on August 5, 2013 by

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Image Source

50 Cent has been asked to turn over his guns after being hit with a domestic violence charge when he allegedly attacked his son’s mother, Daphne Joy.

A protective ordered was issued against him prohibiting him from contacting Daphne Joy or coming within 100 yards.  And all his guns were taken. Source

So sad for him.  He had to give up his precious guns. (*And a single tear falls from Lo’s eye.)

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50 Cent Gets in Nasty Text War with Son

Written on July 9, 2013 by

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Image Source

50 Cent went to pick up his son and ended up getting into a fight, via text message, with him.

Peep the exchange below:

50 Cent: Hey I’m outside the house at the front door. I came to the front door then lights went off. What’s up?

Marquise: U lying u outside? Lol. Lol u fronting.

50 Cent: I saw you looking out the window good luck in life. Your gonna need it.

Marquise: Lol u fronting hard body now, how u going to see me when I’m in the basement lmao

50 Cent: Fuck you. You are your mother child.

Marquise: Lol why would u lie about that lol

50 Cent: I need a blood test cause that dick sucking bitch you call mom was fucking the hole time. I don’t think your funny at all. I drove out here for nothing.

Marquise: Pops ur trippen now, why u won’t been get one u had 16 years lol, I know u lying bc u didt even call me too go outside

50 Cent: Are you fucking crazy I don’t have time to play boy. I told you I would come see you. I came motherfucker start turning lights out and looking threw the blinds. Are you fucking stupid. You had me drive over there why do you think I needed a address shit head. I saw the lights go out then some one playing in the blinds and there no party going on. Fuck you to. You your mother and your sister fuck all of yal.

Marquise: I might dumb, come thru then, no need to get upset. Stop by and say hello too ur son.

50 Cent: What the fuck are you taking about I’m not fucking with you after this I leave Atlanta in the morning.

Marquise: So come thru then

50 Cent: Fuck you

Marquise: No need for all that

50 Cent: You are bigger enough to know better so fuck you stop texting me

Marquise: Ight

50 Cent: Tell your mother she won. She has you and ill make another. I will have nothing to do with you. Don’t text me ever again.

Marquise: U keep texting me lol

50 Cent: It’s cool I will never go out of my way again. You disrespectful little mother fucker.

Marquise: Lol u never do I don’t know not that doesn’t even call there son for his birthday. Or get him a gift for his b-day or for Christmas.

50 Cent: You are your mothers son. I don’t have a son anymore.Fuck you all you want is a gift. Like your mother and your ungrateful sister. Delete my number. You never call what the fuck I’m suppose to call you to give you something sorry.

Marquise: Welp if u feel that way, I don’t about no gift it’s the thought that means the most, remember this money ain’t everything. I’m tired of calling u, why don’t call me and please can’t wait to hear this excuse

50 Cent: Good luck with you life man. I tried to come talk to you. You din’t have to have me come all the way out there if you don’t to see me you little ass hole. I don’t have to make a excuse for anything. I’m a grown ass man boy. You talking about money ain’t everything. Your right but when you don’t have any your gonna understand why I work so hard. I’m done texting you delete my number.

Marquise: Thank u, and u know dang well u ain’t come out here too see, but if that’s what u want to stick then I’m sorry, and I know why u work hard, ok, god bless

50 Cent: Are you fucking stupid

Fiddy later said that he believes it was Marquise’s mother posing as him in the text.

He tweeted:

“That was his mother texting me as him.she sold that to a web site.she hate me for Winning, it’s hard to replace me.

“Read the text carefully you will see what I’m saying.”

He also claimed that the entire situation made him rewrite his will:

“I rewrote my will today now when I pass away all my physical property’s and MOST of my money go’s to charities and TIFFANY LIGHTY so when I’m done she can be 50cent” Source

Even if it was his mama, who talks that that to anyone?  Also, if you thought it was his mother then why would you rewrite your will. #ShiftlessNegroes

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50 Cent Charged with Domestic Violence

Written on July 5, 2013 by

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Image Source

Fiddy is accused of kicking Daphne Joy, the mother of one of his children.  He allegedly caused over $7K in damage to her condo and kicked her.

So he’s been hit with five charges — including one count misdemeanor domestic violence and four counts of misdemeanor vandalism. If convicted on all counts, he could face up to five years in jail and $46,000 in fines. Source and Source

Uh, am I the only one who didn’t know this dude had another kid?

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Fiddy Teams Up w/Paquiao?!

Written on September 14, 2012 by

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Image Source

50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather, Jr. haven’t been all that close lately and now we know why.

50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather’s boxing nemesis, Manny Pacquiao, just formed a joint boxing promotions company called TMT Promotions.

Manny’s spokesman said, “I think with 50 Cent, with his entertainment connections and his popularity there, combining that with Manny’s popularity and expertise in boxing – we can bring a new flavor to boxing – we can excite some young boxers and I think we can sign some top quality boxers. I spoke to 50 Cent tonight and confirmed that we’re going to go forward. Manny is coming here this weekend for other business, but we’re all excited about it. With 50’s influence in the music industry – we want to put a different flavor on the shows.” Source

Wait for a supersized bitch fit from Floyd in 5, 4, 3, 2…

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Fiddy Suing Audio Company

Written on September 2, 2012 by

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Image Source

50 Cent is suing Sleek Audio LLC for an unpaid $285K promissory note he let to them in 2010.  He partnered with the company for his “Sleek by 50” wireless headphones in early 2011.  But the deal went sour months later.

He claims Sleek agreed to make payments on the loan when it reached $750K in revenue (which reportedly happened shortly after the partnership was solidified).  But Sleek says that the agreement is null and void because 50 went with SMS Audio, a competitor and he “purposely omitted and misstated information during their negotiations with intent of fraud.

“Sleek would have never borrowed money from [Curtis] Jackson or allowed him to invest in its company, had it known that Jackson would ultimately use this tactic (of misusing the money) to steal its design, technology and headphones,” the company said in an un-sworn court statement.

50 wants the advance money plus $61,429 in back interest, as well as an additional 15% for any unpaid debt moving forward, and legal fees connected to this case. Source

I feel like this dude stays in court.  But I’m not mad at business man Curtis.

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Kimye Post…

Written on August 11, 2012 by

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Kim is off the Pill

Photo Source

Rumors that Kim really wants a baby are abounding with the most recent news that she may have stopped taking her birth control.

In Touch is reporting, “Kim is ready to have babies and talks about it all the time.” She’s is taking “the necessary measures” to make it easier to conceive. Source via Source

Maybe a baby will slow Kim down.  I’m all about making those stacks.  But she’s always workin overtime.  Make dat money girl. Just don’t let the money make you.

50 Throws Blows at Kanye’s ‘Perfect Bitch’

Photo Source

50 Cent recently said about Kanye’s feeling sabout Kim saying, “I mean … if that man feel like she’s perfect, then she’s perfect. He could mean it and you’ll end up singing the words to it because he’s Kanye.

 “You know how it is? One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

He then said he didn’t know if there was such a thing as a perfect chick: “I’m not sure. The smartest guys I know have lost being a bad judge of character in that area.” Source

Um, that was uncalled for.  Expect for Kanye to come for your ass, as he should.

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Fiddy is a Boxing Promoter Now

Written on July 25, 2012 by

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50 Cent is taking a spin at boxing promoting. He’s officially licensed as a boxing promoter in the state of New York. He’s applying for permission to promote fighters and matches in Nevada — Las Vegas is known as the prime destination for the sport’s biggest matches.

His promotion company is called TMT, short for “The Money Team.”

Apparently he even has some fighters.  He’s signed gold medalist and former featherweight champion Yuriorkis Gamboa, and middleweight and former Olympic medalist Andre Dirrell.  Source

Uhh I dunno about this.

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50 to Release Album for Free

Written on July 5, 2012 by

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50 Cent plans to release his new album on his 37th birthday and he wants to give his fans a present by giving the album away for free.

He tweeted, “You can’t buy album 5 it’s FREE. Street king immortal will be for sale… The full CD will be out on my birthday.” Source

Yeaaaa, I don’t even want it for free.

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50 Cent Involved in Car Crash

Written on June 26, 2012 by

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50 Cent was involved in a car accident early this morning.  His SUV was rear-ended by a Mack truck in NYC.

He was put on a stretcher and taken to the nearest Queens hospital.  His driver is also currently in the hospital.


UPDATE: He’s been released from the hospital and is doing fine. Source

If I didn’t know any better I would think this was a publicity stunt.

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Did 50 Get Floyd Mayweather’s Son Tatted?

Written on January 26, 2012 by

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50 Cent tweeted pics of Floyd Mayweather’s son Koraun with tats that he’d gotten on a trip to the parlor with Fiddy.  No big deal right? Well, the kid is only 13.

Floyd later tweeted: “What the hell is wrong with @50cent got my son hanging out getting tattoos at 2:30am on a school night.”

50 responded:

“Man @FloydMayweather mad at me I took his son to the tattoo spot. He’s 13 he’s a big boy MONEY TEAM”


I hope this is all a joke because I’d be damned if someone took my 13 year old to get a tattoo without my damn permission. Where is this kids mom?

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Fiddy Won Some Serious Stacks

Written on January 26, 2012 by

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50 Cent posted a pic of stacks of cash Twitter, the money a result of a bet.

He said, “Some times I hear voices in my head they tell me thing. Like bet on Giants so I listen.” What’s he gonna do with the money? “I’m giving this money to my nana she gonna faint … all she do is go to the church.” Source

Well they say if you got it flaunt it…but isn’t this the same dude that got robbed not that long ago? I’m just sayin’…

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Chelsea Opens Up About 50 Break Up

Written on January 24, 2012 by

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Chelsea Handler went on ‘The Howard Stern Show” and talked about her break up with 50 Cent.  She said that things went south when she booked his ex Ciara on her show.  He called her to tell her that Ciara was still in love with him so it might be awkward.  He even tried to get her to listen to messages that Ciara allegedly left on his phone.  But Chelsea stopped him called him an insult (think more ‘ghetto’ than ‘nigger’) and hung up.  She hasn’t heard from him since.

Listen to the interview below:

(She talks about Fiddy in the first three minutes.)



He wasn’t too gangsta to be choppin down those backs.  But that’s neither here nor there.  They were just one odd couple that wasn’t meant to be. Womp, womp.

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Pepsi Denies Working With Fiddy

Written on January 8, 2012 by

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50 Cent announced a partnership with Pepsi to distribute his energy drink ‘Street King’. But Pepsi denies any such partnership.
A PepsiCo spokesperson, who asked not to be named, said, “I can definitely state, that 50 Cent does not have any deal whatsoever with regards to his new energy drink with either PepsiCo or Pepsi Beverages Company. He might very well have a deal with Honickman but we cannot comment on that situation because we don’t have any knowledge with regards to it. But as far as our company is concerned, the statements that are being reported are completely false!” Source


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Fiddy’s Movie Ends Up on BET

Written on December 12, 2011 by

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A while ago we saw disturbing pictures of a very thin and sickly looking 50 Cent and he explained it was for a role in a film he was starring in and producing called “All Things Fall Apart.” In September he said that the film had gotten picked up by a major studio and would be in theaters next year.

Well the movie isn’t going to theaters.  It’s not even going to DVD.  In fact it already aired on BET on December 3rd. Source

Did you miss it? Yea so did I.

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Lady O Pissed About Gayle’s Relationship With Fiddy

Written on November 17, 2011 by

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The National Enquirer is reporting that Oprah and Gayle are at odds over Gayle’s recent friendship with rapper 50 Cent.

When Gayle and 50 met at a charity event they hit it off.  A source says, “Sparks flew, so Gayle invited Fitty on her talk show.

“It went really well, and the two quickly became Twitter buddies.”

Oprah’s pissed becaue 50’s got at her more than once, even named his dog Oprah.  So she feels like she’s been “stabbed in the back.”
Oprah got angrier after Gayle texted her kids a picture of her and 50 Cent together, noting that he could become their new “stepdaddy!”

“She’s livid that the woman she expects absolute loyalty from is getting chummy with a bad boy who publicly mocks her. “Oprah has been a longtime opponent of rap music that is violent and demeaning to women, and she con¬siders Fitty to be one of the worst offenders. Oprah hates him!
“She thinks his lyrics are degrading to all women, and Oprah can’t for the life of her figure out why Gayle would fall for him.
“Then Gayle got a temporary tattoo of 50 Cent’s face and name on her left arm. Oprah thought Gayle had lost her mind,” the source added. Source


“After everything Fitty has said about Oprah over the years, she doesn’t understand how Gayle could possibly be interested in being friends with him, let alone trying to pursue a relationship.
“Oprah told Gayle she’s making a fool of herself by chasing around a man young enough to be her son.” Source

I can see how O feels.  When you hate someone you want all your friends to hate them too.  It’s Catty Bitch 101.  But unfortunately that’s now how the world works. So I’m gonna need Oprah to get over it and let Gayle live.  Plus, she’s richer than God.  When you’ve got that much dough, there’s no reason to ever be mad, sad, salty or annoyed. NO REASON

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Fiddy to Play Pimp in New Flick

Written on September 26, 2011 by

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50 Cent is adding another acting gig to his belt.  He’s set to star in and executive produce ‘Frozen Ground’ where he’ll play an Alaskan pimp.  

The film stars John Cusack as a serial killer in Alaska targeting prostitutes. Nicolas Cage and Vanessa Hudgens are also signed on for the project. Source

An Alaskan pimp? I can’t!

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Random Pics

Written on September 21, 2011 by

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What IS this?…lookin’ like somebody’s uncle.

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Track Leak Angers Fiddy

Written on July 28, 2011 by

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50 Cent is pissed at his label.  He feels like they’re responsible for a leak from his upcoming 5th studio album.

He tweeted, “”Man I’m not releasing a album i can’t believe interscope is this f***ed up right now. I apologize to all my fans. I will work with other artist on there projects but I will not put out another album. They dropped the ball with me one time to many.”

“I don’t know how I can record 41 song for my album and the one song I give interscope leaks But I don’t care its good music,” Fif wrote. “I hate when I can’t present my music the way. I feel it should be but f*** it check out I’m ON IT.” Source

Uhhh, but doesn’t he have a contract? I’m just sayin’…

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50′s Credit Card Info Stolen

Written on April 20, 2011 by

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50 Cent is involved in a credit card scandal.  Two men were arrested after they tried to buy two flat screen TVs using Fiddy’s Amex.

The shop owner became suspicious and called the credit card company and the men were detained by the cops. Reports say that there have been other attempts to illegally use 50’s card details to  purchase items in Connecticut.

An American Express spokeswoman tells the New York Daily News, “(We) will not hold our card members liable for any fraudulent charges.” Source

This is when you know someone is rich, when people can make multiple high end purchases on their card and they don’t even notice.  If someone bought something for over $0.07 on my Amex there would be trouble, trouble!

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Pauly D to Sign with G-Unit?

Written on April 17, 2011 by

Filed Under: Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, Music Label

“Jersey Shore” star, Pauly D, is on the verge of signing a record deal with 50 Cent’s G-Unit records.

Sources said that Pauly met with 50 and his people in New York recently to not only discuss the record deal, but also to talk about possibly doing a line of Pauly D merchandise line, specifically a brand of Pauly D headphones. Source

Of all the Jersey Shore kids, Pauly is probably the most marketable and most talented.  So good for him for staying on the grind.

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50 Cent and Ja Rule are at it Again

Written on March 25, 2011 by

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As Ja Rule readies for his jail sentence, he’s still beefin’ with Fiddy.  The two got into it on Twitter because 50 couldn’t resist an opportunity to make fun of Ja.

Here’s what 50 said:


And Ja’s response:



This is sooooo old.

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Fiddy and Ciara Get Into it on Twitter

Written on January 31, 2011 by

Filed Under: Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, Fight! Fight! Fight!, Got Beef?, Twitter

50 Cent and Ciara got into it over the weekend on Twitter.

50 wrote, while at the Playboy Mansion, “I just left the play boy mansion. I think I want to be a pimp now. Sh*t I have strong pimp qualities. Lol… I’m looking for girls to start my new line of work. Are there any strong potential hoe’s on tweeter right now. Lol.”

Minutes later, Ciara tweeted: “The things people tweet say a lot about their character, pay attention!”

So 50 wrote back: “Yea I tweet things that reflect my character b*tch. I have a sense of humor get that’s why your 3 mill followers behind me”

When fans started weighing in 50 tried to squash the whole thing with:  ”Ciara now I’m not going back n forth with you on twitter now cut it out.”  Source

Damn, there’s apparently a lot of animosity still there.  Even though the two never admitted to being a couple, they were spotted leaving a hotel together just a few months ago. 

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Chelsea Broke Fiddy’s Heart *Sobs

Written on January 30, 2011 by

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Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent formed quite the odd couple.  And now that they’re not together anymore we hear that the funny lady actually broke the big black buck’s heart.

Chelsea is rumored to have dumped Fiddy for another man.  When he tired to win her back with gifts she returned them with a note that read: “I can buy my own gifts.” Source

That’s tough.  But I get it.  Money can’t buy you class…or love.

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50 Cent Post…

Written on January 26, 2011 by

Filed Under: Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson

50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather are launching a new production company together.

The duo announced at the Sundance Film Festival that they’ll be launching Mayweather Productions soon.

Fiddy said,  ”We’re just celebrating the launch of Mayweather Films.”

Floyd added, “We’re going to do what we normally do: sit in a room and brainstorm and try to come up with new ideas… you know, outside the box. Be creative and just work together and try to be positive. That’s the main thing. It’s about working hard, being positive and working together.” Source

Know what would be positive?…if 50 somehow forgot his Twitter password and if Floyd enrolled in an anger management class. (Insert Kanye shrug here.)

In Other Fiddy News…

World Star Hip Hop shut down a little while ago and 50 Cent hit up Twitter to take credit for it.

He wrote:

“I don’t know why people underestimate me. I just shut down WORLDSTAR for future advertising contact suckers lol. I put worldstar to bed, you don’t believe try me I will shut your sh*t down. Lol. I predict 2 more web sites will shut down this week. Take a guess who they are. I’m sick of the hate I’m to strong.. Me and @FloydMayweather don’t thing worldstar was good representation of black people as a hole. We will present better. I want to thank howard gordon and the good folks over at homeland .hahaha suckers your move”

We hear that the site was actually shut down for copyright infringement.   Source

Who knows what the real story is.  Alls I know is Fiddy is some kinda pissed, no?  Be easy Bugsy!

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Fiddy’s New ‘Phones

Written on January 5, 2011 by

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50 Cent is the latest artist to have his own line of headphones.  He will debut his wireless headphones at the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show  January 6-9th in Vegas.

He partnered with Sleek Audio on the venture. Source

He’s a little late since everybody and they mama got headphones now.  I’m just sayin…

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Fiddy Gets Robbed for…Wine?

Written on December 21, 2010 by

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Two guys broke into 50 Cent’s mansion and when the cops caught them they were twisted off of 50’s wine stash.

The guards at the mansion called the cops because there was a suspicious vehicle in the driveway and when they got there they found one man immediately.  The other man was found cradling a wine bottle he found at the house.

  They were arrested and are being held on $50,000 bond. Source

Like did they just want to chill in the house or did they actually have a plan and the wine derailed them? I just don’t get it.

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Are Chelsea and 50 Official?

Written on December 14, 2010 by

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Chelsea handler tweeted the above picture of her and rapper 50 Cent in bed with the caption: “I don’t know why anyone thinks I would ever date a rapper.”

Then on her show while talking about the end of her “Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang” book tour, she said “The biggest changes that happened over the course of the tour actually took place inside me. Literally. My love life became as ridiculous as a comic book. When the tour began, I was dating Superman. [cut to picture of Ted Harbert in Superman suit], then I dated Tarzan [cut to picture of that Animal Planet dude with a loincloth], and finally I ended up with Batman, aka ‘The Dark Knight’ [cut to picture of her kissing 50 Cent]. See you in the bat cave, ‘ma boo.”


What IS this? Looking at it just makes me feel weird inside.

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Game Reaches Out to 50 Yet Again

Written on November 16, 2010 by

Filed Under: Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, Reconciliation, Twitter

Rapper The Game has reached out to Fiddy via Twitter to suggest a truce and possible collabo.

He wrote:

“@50cent Aye n****, get on Twitter & let’s get this sh** movin!!! G-G-G-G- well, you know the rest,” the rapper tweeted. “All it take is ‘ONE PHONE CALL’! U call me, I call BUCK, tell Banks holla at Yayo & dat puts HIP HOP @ OUR MERCY!”

His fancs thought he was drunk but he responded saying he was “sober as f***,” and even went so far as to admit, finally, that 50 wrote the hook on their 2005 hit “How We Do.”

“I’m not drunk. IM SOBER AS F*** … If it never happen, SO WHAT !!!” Game continued. “But let it b known I extended an olive branch. Call me bi-polar, call me a fake blood … call my lyrics trash, I’ll TAKE IT, It dont mean Sh**. If that’s how u feel say it ‘I LOVE IT’!!!”

50 didn’t directly respond to Game directly.

The last time Game tried to reconcile 50 said he wouldn’t even consider it. Source

Damn homie, you that pressed that you’re gonna continue to play yourself out like this. Too bad, so sad.

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50 Cent to Become Godfather to a Rhino?

Written on October 12, 2010 by

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50 Cent has been asked by South African charity eBlockwatch to adopt a rhinoceros.  Phila the Rhino is endangered and has been shot nine times by poachers. The group hopes that 50 will be able to relate to Phila because he’s been shot nine times too.

Andre Snyman of eBlockwatch told South Africa’s Sunday Times newspaper: “We want to ask him if he wants to become the godfather of our rhino so that he can create awareness worldwide about rhino poaching.”

After Phila was shot twice this past July her owner cut off her horn hoping to protect her.  But the poachers returned and shot her 7 more times while trying to hack out the horn stub.


I wouldn’t consider myself an animal rights advocate per se. And PETA irritates me.  But this is some sad shit.  I want to adopt Phila.  Poor thing.  Think it would be cruel to transport her to Jersey and use her as transportation? I could ride her to the supermarket.  That’s ludacris? Oh…


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Fiddy Done Angered the Gays

Written on September 14, 2010 by

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GLAAD is upset with 50 Cent.  He recently tweeted:

  “Perez Hilton calld me douchebag so I had my homie shoot up a gay wedding. wasnt his but still made me feel better.”

He also tweeted directly to Perez: “stop being so sensitive its a joke. Your acting like a big baby” and, “my next song will make your sweet ass dance lol chill out.”

“It’s wrong to make jokes and promote violence against the gay community,” said GLAAD spokesman Rich Ferraro. “Taking down the post is not enough. We wanted him to tell his Twitter followers that what he did was wrong.”

Back in a 2004 Playboy interview 50 shared how he felt about the gays.  He said, “I ain’t into faggots. I don’t like gay people around me, because I’m not comfortable with what their thoughts are . . . I’d rather hang out with a straight dude. But women who like women, that’s cool.” Source

As much as I love the gays 50 has the right to tweet ignorance if he so chooses.  Yet and still I’m really not feeling the violent homophobic words.  Although I really hope he doesn’t issue a fake apology.  Cus we’ll know he doesn’t mean it. #IBetHeOwnsAButtPlug.

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Did Fiddy and Ci-Ci Get Hitched?

Written on September 9, 2010 by

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50 Cent has us all wondering if he and Ciara got married.  He wrote on Twitter:  “Good morning I was so high after the show last night. I got engaged. I love me so, sept 6 I’m getting married.”

The couple has been extra low key with their relationship for the past few years but we all know what’s going on. Source

If they actually got married then congrats!!

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Fiddy Continues to Go in on Diddy

Written on July 9, 2010 by

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50 Cent is going hard at Diddy these days. He has launched a petition to stop Diddy from continuing to exploit Biggy. Here’s what he had to tweet:


Bugsy has a point, no? Whaddya think?

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50 Talks About Dramatic Weight Loss

Written on May 31, 2010 by

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50 Cent is opening up about the pictures that hit the net last week of him looking all frail and such.

“Yeah, they’re (the pictures) absolutely real.  I shot the first half of the film for eight days and then I left for my international tour, and I spent that time training to lose weight. I had a week and a half after coming back to really intensely train to get down to 160 for the last half of the film project, Things Fall Apart...”

He says he got his inspiration from Christian Bale who lost 63 pounds for his role in The Machinist.

“They say it takes 30 days to make a habit, but man… I was on the Internet and I was looking at Christian Bale, while The Machinist was out, he almost killed himself. I was feeling like maybe I’m overdoing it and I’m dropping 54 pounds, but I was in such a good physical state prior to me deciding to go down on the weight…”

One of Fiddy’s close friends died from cancer and he used his role in ‘Things Fall Apart” as an opportunity to pay homage to his memory.

“It felt like I had a lot of muscle on me still and I was trying to lose as much as possible to be authentic to what I saw in my experience, because my motivation for the project was my best friend, Charles Pringle. He lived across the street from me; he actually died of cancer. It’s a serious topic. One out of eight people in the world die of cancer. It tops HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria together…” Source

I hand it to him.  I can’t go three hours without solid food.  So I couldn’t do anything like this in a million years.

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Fiddy’s Yucky Weight Loss Transformation

Written on May 27, 2010 by

Filed Under: Bust a Crunch, Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, New Movies

Skeletal pics of Fiddy have been floating around the net for the past 24hours or so.

He got skinny for his upcoming film role in “Things Fall Apart” where he plays a football player who has cancer. He was able to go from 214 pounds to 160 by going on a liquid diet and hitting the treadmill for three hours a day. It took him 9 weeks to drop the 54 pounds.

He says “I was starving.” But added that he’s trying to get back in shape for his new tour. “I’ve been eating. I’ll be back in shape in no time!” Source

These are the freakiest pictures I’ve seen in a minute. I don’t think I’ve been creeped out like this since I first laid eyes on Angel. Sorry Angel, no offense.

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50 Consults Em for All Music Matters

Written on May 20, 2010 by

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Fiddy says that he always has Eminem listen to his work before deciding to release it or not.

He said: “You rarely see Eminem come out. Because people see me so much they feel like I’m the number one hip-hop artist. But I didn’t have a record sell 23 million copies. So when I talk to him, I use him as my sound board for balance. I play my music for him to see his response, to see what he thinks.

“He hears everything first, yeah. If you made a record that sold 23 million, you might know something. Wouldn’t you agree on that? I play him the records and get his response.

“Me and Em’, we deal with things completely different. He would probably rather not be famous, have finances and have normalcy at the same time. But I understand the fair exchange, in exchange with not being able to walk in the mall and shop, I can afford to buy whatever I want in the mall, that’s a fair exchange. I can’t walk to go get it but I can have it, and I can send somebody to come get it, that’s not bad.” Source

Aww, well isn’t that sweet. You know what I would love? For 50 to never do another song and to have Eminem put out music until the end of time.

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Fiddy Wants to Stop Illegal Downloads

Written on April 29, 2010 by

Filed Under: Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, Politics

50 Cent feels that there won’t be a big crackdown on illegal downloading until Hollywood begins to feel the burn.

He said, “I don’t think the music business is dying. I think we’re just experiencing technology and we just have to pass new laws, eventually, to change how music is being distributed. It’s just about redeveloping what the music business is. It’s easier to download a song that’s three minutes long, probably about three or four seconds for you to download it, it’s easier to steal.

“When you got your blockbuster film doing $120 million in a weekend, and then (another) blockbuster film that they spent $120 million (on) comes out and nobody goes to see (it) but everybody watched it because they could pull it off their computer and see it on HD at home on a a theater – they’ll change those laws.” Source

I kinda feel what he’s saying. But if people want to steal something, they’re gonna find a way. The best regulation would be to sell all media via the net. Who really buys CDs or DVDs (besides me) anymore?

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50 Cent Ditching His Ink

Written on April 22, 2010 by

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50 Cent has made a choice to remove his tattoos. He thinks it will help his film career.

He said, “It cuts down on the amount of time I have to spend in makeup covering them up.” The only one he wants to keep is the ginormous one on his back that reads “50 Ceent.” Source

The laser scars are gonna show probably more than the tattoos…I’m just sayin’.

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50 Cent to do Reality Show About Ancestry

Written on April 20, 2010 by

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50 Cent is teaming up with VH1 to do a documentary about his family history.

“They told us that they want to connect even more with our characters, our artists and our celebrities – but in a more genuine way,” said Tom Calderone, President of VH1.

The documentary will be called 50′s Roots and will delve into his family’s slavery history while tracing his ancestry.

“They still enjoy VH1′s signature sense of fun and irreverence,” Calderone continued. “They also want more storylines that reflect the issues and challenges they are experiencing in their own lives.” Source

This should be, er, interesting.

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April Fools Joke Involving Fiddy Pisses of VA Cops

Written on April 6, 2010 by

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Virginia police weren’t happy with Z104 for playing an April Fool’s joke on listeners causing a potential hazard.  The station announced that 50 Cent would be shooting a video at Mount Thrashmore that night.  The buzz was so big that the city of Virginia Beach wrote on its Twitter page: “Hi folks! 50 Cent will NOT be @ Mt. Trashmore this evening. The supposed video shoot was an April Fool’s Day prank by a local radio station.”

Virginia Beach police officer Adam Bernstein said, “It was a joke and we appreciate that. But, as a police department we have to worry about crowd control and traffic, even if it is a hoax you might have thousand of people show up anyway.” Source

I don’t know but, I’m thinking that the same people who want to be in a 50 Cent video are probably NOT following Virginia Beach’s Twitter.

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50 Paid $75 to Say One Word

Written on March 29, 2010 by

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50 Cent just made $75K for saying one word at a club appearance.  He was paid the money to show up to Bamboo in Liverpool.  In addition to the money, the club owners offered him free boos and two girls to chill with him in VIP all night.

A slew of people showed up to see him, thinking he might perform.  But he got up once, grabbed the mic and said ‘Hey’ then sat back down.

A source said, “It was the most blinging night ever. People though 50 Cent might perform a track or two, given his massive fee, but he just greeted the crowd with ‘Hey’ and got back to his two personally requested ladies, who were lavishing booze on him.”


Hey, it’s the club owners fault for not getting a contract stipulating he do more than a pageant wave.  Nice move Fiddy.

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50 Cent Goes Dance

Written on March 17, 2010 by

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50 Cent is straying away from hip hop and doing a dance album.

50 said: “I went to a nightclub after party. It was different music after a while. The music they were playing before they were playing the music I created was more up-tempo, more dance.

“I wanted to make a song like that, so I went into the studio. Because I’m travelling with my live band, I took the band with me and we sequenced it and recorded the actual record while we was out there.”

He added: “I won’t allow myself to be placed in a box where I can only do one style, or do one kind of music.

“They should expect the unexpected on this one. If they can understand how I enjoy different genres of music and different styles, for the people who have various tastes in music, they’ll really like it.” Source

Oh dear.  First the singing…now this?

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50 to Drop Major Poundage for Film Role

Written on February 24, 2010 by

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Rapper 50 Cent will reportedly drop 65 pounds for his role in a new movie “Things Fall Apart.”

He write the screenplay about a football player with cancer.

Co-producer Randall Emmett tells Variety, “Fifty is in the process of losing 65 pounds for the role.”

They’ll begin shooting in May after he’s done touring. Source

The only appealing thing about his appearance is his body…if he drops the weight, what’s left?

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50 Supports Former Madam’s Run for Office

Written on February 15, 2010 by

Filed Under: Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, Politics

50 Cent wants to get in on former madam, Cristin Davis’, run for office.

Kristin said that he offered “some of his G-Unit rap crew to work the phones.”

In terms of her qualifications for the job she said, “I was valedictorian of my high school class. I worked 10 years in finance. I was vice president of a hedge fund. I went on to build a multi-million dollar business from scratch.”

She’ll be running on a “taxation as confiscation” platform, advocating the legalization of marijuana and prostitution. Source

In her former job she gave people things that made them happy and she made money in the process. If she can do the same in a political realm she sounds like the perfect candidate.

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50 Cent Jealous of Dreamy Co-Star

Written on February 3, 2010 by

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twelve 280409

50 Cent was shocked that actor Chace Crawford garnered more attention from the ladies outside the set of their movie “Twelve.”

He said, “I made a fool of myself the first day of shooting. I got to my trailer and I saw this huge crowd of girls screaming. I stopped and was kind of having a moment. Then I turned around, and Chace was behind me, and that’s who they were freaking out for.”

He added, “I remember thinking, ‘What kind of bulls**t is this?’ ” Source

Fiddy, I know you got your rabbit teeth shaved down and everything.  But seriously, get over yourself.

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50 Cent to Start Filming for His New Screenplay

Written on December 27, 2009 by

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50 Cent is pulling a Will Smith. He’ll soon begin shooting for the film “Gun” early next year. He wrote the action drama which is based around the illegal gun trage. Also staring in the film is Charles Malik Whitfield and Val Kilmer, who Diddy worked with on the movie “Streets of Blood. Source

I never hate on people getting their grind on. Carry on Grape Ape.

50 Cent-“Do You Think About Me?”

Written on December 11, 2009 by

Filed Under: Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, New Music

Find more videos like this on : IF IT’S HOT IT’S HERE!

Above is 50 Cent’s new vid featuring Vivica Fox and Tamalia Jones. I applaud Fiddy and Viv for making up, and her more so for being able to poke fun at herself.

50 Wants a Piece of Susan Boyle

Written on December 8, 2009 by

Filed Under: Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, New Music

50 Cent wants in on Susan Boyle’s recent fame. He wants to record with the ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ contestant.

He said: “She’s got an amazing voice, and together we’d get everyone dancing. I’m always looking to do something new and she’s cool, so I’ll ask somebody to let her know.”

He added: “I got to get her on a track, for real. We’d make a hit.”


I’m all for interesting collabos but this is just weird.

Fiddy’s Flappin’ His Gums Again

Written on December 4, 2009 by

Filed Under: Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, Fight! Fight! Fight!, Got Beef?, Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter

50 Cent talked to Rolling Stone recently and said that Jay-Z thinks he’s god. Here are a few excerpts:

“As far as artists he works with. I think he completely has his best interests in mind. When you commit to working with other artists — I have to be passionate about it. Of course, you want to make money, so you only commit to the things that you’re excited about, that you feel you have the chemistry with or has something there, but after you get past that point, it should be something that you actually want to see win. I tried to collaborate with him on the Freeway project ? What I did was Freeway went out and found his publishing deal, and we started the album, and Jay did “Big Spender” and I did “Take You to the Top,” and when it came time to put the record out, he didn’t want to shoot his video, so I’m like, “Why am I going to shoot mine? I’m not shooting it. It’s on your label.” He has a king complex, he thinks he’s fucking Jesus, you know what I mean? This J-Hova shit.”

“There are little things in his records, he would make reference to things, and it would just be a question mark, but when he was in the U.K., he was talking on the radio, and the guy must have made him feel like he was a punk, because he had to point out that he’s not afraid of 50 Cent. “Nobody’s afraid of 50 Cent,” or whatever he said, but he should have been addressing the guys who made him feel like that, because his approach and presentation has made him so approachable that Lil Mama’s on the stage [uninvited at the 2009 VMAs]. He made himself like that. When you wear glasses, when you wear Urkel glasses, what do you associate those glasses with? Intelligence. There’s certain things that connect to the man — don’t hit a guy with four eyes, right? That’s the message he’s putting out when he’s walking around with these glasses and stuff like that on, and you know he’s making himself look safer so he can get in the spot on the Beyoncé path.” Source

Wow, he’s really going hard on Jay-Z. Expect reactionary diss record in 5, 4, 3, 2…

50 Carries $25K on Him at All Times

Written on December 1, 2009 by

Filed Under: Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, I'm Rich Bitch!, Interviews, Tyra Banks

50 Cent With Tyra Banks picture

Rapper 50 Cent was on the Tyra banks show and said that he always carries $25K in cash on him in case he’ll want to have an impromptu shopping spree.

He said: “I always carry $25,000, in cash, just in case something happens… I don’t know whether I’ll have to buy something or not.

“I like to have cash on me because it feels like I have money.”

He also talked about how he ended a long time feud with ex Vivica A. Fox.

He said: “I called her and I said, ‘You got to stop fighting and be in my video.’

“The song is about when relationships don’t work, and when I explained it to her it kind of intensified what the song was about.” Source

Thanks for letting all us poor folk know just how much money we can rob you of if we ever see you on the street. Sidebar: That Negro doesn’t have a credit card? I mean come on!

(Lo excuses herself to starch and iron her cutest cat burglar outfit.)

50 Cent isn’t Confident in his Pipes

Written on November 18, 2009 by

Filed Under: Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson


Fiddy says that his fans hate when he sings.

He said: “What they would knock me for is if I sung on a record – ‘Oh, 50 is singing on a record’ – they get upset when I use the melody. I’ve been encouraged to use more melody because I’m an international touring artist and I’m watching the music break language barriers, and all they can follow is melody when you go out there at different points.

“So I brought it, I came back, and I did different things creatively and they kind of resent me for what they love Drake for. It’s interesting.”

He added (speaking about new album ‘Before I Self Destruct’), “The content is coming from situations I’ve experienced prior to when I created ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin”. What I realised translated most through my material is the aggression, and the people miss it because the other artists don’t come from the same type of background or lifestyle. They don’t want that from those artists.” Source

I hate when he sings, but hey, I can’t speak for everyone.

Fiddy Wants to Battle Jay

Written on November 16, 2009 by

Filed Under: Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, Got Beef?, Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter

50 Cent spoke to MTV recently and said he’d love to battle Jay-Z.

He says,“Well, it would be great. It would be great for hip-hop.” He adds,”It would probably be interesting, but I don’t think one of us will survive it. I don’t have a relationship with Jay-Z. We’re just both a part of hip-hop culture. We’re not friends. We don’t call each other to talk at leisure.”Source

I think Jay would tear him to shreds. But he can go ahead and try if he wants to. What do you guys think?

50 Cent Spends $1 Million a Year on Security

Written on November 11, 2009 by

Filed Under: Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, I'm Rich Bitch!

50 Cent spends over a milli on his security detail. According to CNN he spends about $20K a week on security.

“My home is surrounded by cameras,” he told CNN. “I need surveillance not only to look out for me but also to protect me. You get all these crazy lawsuits, and I need cameras to check on things.”

“It is at least a $20,000 retainer in order to boost security and add a proactive investigation to stop a stalker,” Aaron Cohen, a security expert told CNN. “You will also spend that if you are the kind of celebrity that is constantly dogged by paparazzi.” Source

Yea, I know how hard it is to be famous. Thankfully, my security team doesn’t cost as much. It consists fo my African dwarf frog Alvin who I pay with food pebbles and my friend Christal who’s happy with a box of yummy pizza once a month and Mac lip glass as her Christmas bonus.

50 Cent spends over a milli on his security detail.  According to CNN he spends about $20K a week on security.
“My home is surrounded by cameras,” he told CNN. “I need surveillance not only to look out for me but also to protect me. You get all these crazy lawsuits, and I need cameras to check on things.”
“It is at least a $20,000 retainer in order to boost security and add a proactive investigation to stop a stalker,” Aaron Cohen, a security expert told CNN. “You will also spend that if you are the kind of celebrity that is constantly dogged by paparazzi.” Source
Yea, I know how hard it is to be famous.  Thankfully, my security team doesn’t cost as much. It consists fo my African dwarf frog Alvin who I pay with food pebbles and my friend Christal who’s happy with a box of yummy pizza once a month and Mac lip glass as her Christmas bonus.

50 Cent: Jay-Z is ‘Mr. Knowles’

Written on October 22, 2009 by

Filed Under: Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, Interviews, Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter

50 Cent got at Jay-Z in a recent Complex Magazine interview. Peep what he said.

Complex: Getting back to Jay-Z, who ended up #1 on the list. Much has been made of his recent comment saying “no one is afraid of 50 Cent.” Regardless, it seems like the general public agrees that Kanye wouldn’t have pulled that stunt if you were on stage instead of Taylor Swift…

50 Cent: He wouldn’t. You can’t convince the public, you can’t convince Kanye to say he would’ve did that. If I was there and he did that to me we would have had an altercation. Right there. It’s clear. He [Kanye] would have avoided that, just being intelligent. The interviewer who asked [Jay-Z] about the Kanye situation made him feel like a punk. His presentation is really simple and you can’t have both. You can’t be gangster Jay from Marcy and be the good guy Jay-Z on Oprah. You just can’t. They don’t let you in. That’s Mr. Knowles, he just got that pass. There ain’t any tickets to an inauguration ball with n*ggas. If you’re from the hood, you have that element or that aura around you, there’s no tickets for you. It’s “safe” people there. This is why those things are happening. This is why he has to convince the person that he’s talking to he’s not afraid of anyone. Source

Ha! Mr. Knowles. I think he’s off the mark with that one…funny but off the mark.

Fiddy and Ciara Engaged?

Written on September 2, 2009 by

Filed Under: Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, Jumpin' the Broom

ciara is saying that Ciara and 50 Cent are engaged.  An insider said that he proposed to her and she called her mom and friends to give them the news. Source

Though this may be true, let me say that I RARELY post anything that was first on MediaTakeOut because I don’t trust a word on that site.  The only reason why I’m posting this is because like ten people sent me the story. So if you guys think it’s important enough for me to post then I’ll do it.

-The End


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