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Nicki’s Got No Time for Love

Written on February 20, 2011 by

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Rapper Nicki Minaj is so busy with her music that she doesn’t have time for romance.

She says, “I have no romance in my life at all, and it’s not important to me right now. I have love for people who are on my team that I see every day and for my family, that’s what makes me do what I do.

“I also have love for people that I interact with. If I have too much of the romantic love, I feel like it will distract me. Right now I feel like a robot.”

She does, however, think her music is good for women trying to gain confidence around men and in their relationships.

She said: “Girls tell me this all the time, ‘Whenever I feel like a bad b***h I play your music.

“I want girls to get confidence listening to me. I want them to feel like they don’t have to play second fiddle to a boy.”  Source

Wait, but isn’t she engaged to some random dude?  Spies, can you get on that for Auntie Lo? Thanks kittens!

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