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Nas Working with Microsoft and Google to Offer Tech Scholarship

Written on April 20, 2014 by

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Nas has teamed up with Microsoft and Google to offer tech scholarships, with the financial aid specifically catering to African-Americans and Latinos.

General Assembly reports:

Tech has a serious diversity problem — so General Assembly (GA), the New York City private vocational school for programming and engineering, is now opening an “Opportunity Fund” to give scholarships to women, veterans, African-Americans and Latinos.

The first contributors to the fund are Google, Microsoft, Hirepurpose and Nas.

Yes, rapper and recording artist Nas, the man who brought us “Illmatic.” The partnership with Nas began when he met GA cofounder Matt Brimer at SXSW, but Nas isn’t the only media figure to approach GA about these kinds of programs.

Each of the donors is taking on a target demographic. Google will provide scholarship money for women, Hirepurpose and Microsoft will fund veterans and Nas’s QueensBridge Venture Partners will sponsor African-Americans and Latinos. Source

What an amazing opportunity.  I love this!

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Nas’s Wages to be Garnished for Unpaid Taxes

Written on November 24, 2012 by

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The government will be garnishing Nas’s tour earnings to pay for his tax debts.  Nas owes the state of Georgia over $1 million in back taxes from 2006-2007 and 2009-2010.  The IRS has given the state to garnish his wages from the tour he’s doing with Lauryn Hill until the debt is paid.

But that’s not all he owes.  Apparently he owes the federal government millions.  Source

Since he already has to pay Kelis like a billion dollars a month in child support, I wonder if how the gov’t expects him to keep up with those duties if he’s paying them back.

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Nas’s Home Foreclosed On

Written on October 14, 2012 by

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Nas is in so much tax debt that his Georgia home just got foreclosed on.

He bought the home in 2004 for %585K.  But he defaulted on the payments and still owed $507K.  So the property was foreclosed on and auctioned for $348K. Source

How dreadful.  I wonder how he’s doing keeping up with his child support payments.

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Are Nas and Kelis Back Together?

Written on September 3, 2012 by

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Nas and Kelis had a pretty messy divorce but the two were seen out to dinner recently looking like a couple.

A source said, “I knew I had to meet Kelis so we waited for the show to end and then we moved back down to where she was sitting. This is where the story gets real good!

“Once the lights came on I walked over and said to her friend that I’d love to take a picture with her…

“When she whispered this to Kelis who was up front sitting next to some guy she asked if I wanted a picture with Chante Moore or Kelis [who was sitting right there with Kelis]. I said Kelis and then sparked up random conversation about how good Chante Moore was at the 2012 BET Awards singing the tribute to Whitney Houston [clearly I was nervous because she sang the tribute to Donna Summers].

“Kelis exited the area and came over to take the picture with me and she walked down a bit which seemed weird.

“Until after we took the picture. Kelis began walking out and then when I looked back, Nas pulled his fishermans hat down and tried to walk out quickly. So I yelled out, “hey Nasty Nas” and he just smiled and walked by.” Source

Do you think that these two can repair their relathionship to get back together? Do you think they should?

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Nas’s Ex Goes IN on New Song

Written on April 27, 2012 by

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The other day, Nas dropped a new song about his daughter Destiny called “Daughters,” from his new album “Life is Good.”  Well his ex, Carmen Bryan, went in on him on Twitter.

Peep her tweet below:

Carmen Bryan takes to Twitter to voice her displeasure with Nas' new song "Daughters" 


Lord in heaven.   This is just ridiculous.

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Nas Opens Up About Divorce

Written on March 31, 2012 by

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Nas recently spoke to MTV’s RapFix aobut his very public breakup with ex wife, Kelis.

He said, ”Life is crazy. I wound up paying more money to baby mommas than what some of my rap brothers and sistren make.
”I’ve always been away from too much limelight and that right there put me in it — no one’s exempt from people probing into your life once you get into the game.
”So [the divorce] put a lot of my business out there, man. People weren’t thinking I was making that kind of money, and now they knew.”

Nas pays Kelis $25K in alimony and child support every month. Source

Word.  I totally didn’t know he was ballin’ like that.

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Nas’s Daughter Tweets Pics of Condoms…Car Named Cocaine

Written on February 17, 2012 by

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Nas Daughter Destiny Jones

Nas’s daughter Destiny recently posted some questionable pictures on Twitter.

She put up pictures of a box of condoms next to her bed.


Nas Daughter Destiny Jones

 As well as a picture of her first car, which is named “Cocaine.”

 Nas Daughter Destiny Jones


I’m all for safe sex and having open conversations with your children about it.  But posting pics online of something like a giant full box of condoms sends a message to this little hot in the pants boys that you’re open like that.  Also, naming your car cocaine…really? Someone needs to put a lock on her phone and laptop and figure out what’s going on with her.  Jesus be a teen couselor…

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Is Nas Tappin’ This?

Written on September 1, 2011 by

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We may have a new couple alert on our hands…well we’ve at least got a new couple rumor alert.  Actress Antonique Smith (she played Faith Evens in ‘Notorious’) is seen out to lunch with rapper nas in West Hollywood. 

Nas mentioned her in his song ‘Nasty’ when he rhymed:

 “I’m after the actress who played Faith Evans/My little Jackie Onassis, dig?,”

Then last month Antonique told XXL magazine that she wanted to actually meet him in person and maybe “do some music” together:

“He shouted me out on the song, which I thought was really sweet. I had never met him before and he called me sometime after that and said that he was initially afraid that I’d be upset about it because he wasn’t sure how I took it, but I thought it was sweet. He’s really nice. Word for word, he’s an incredible rapper. I’ve always been a fan and that line is a really dope line. We’re going to do some music together.

Well here they are in living color breaking bread and maybe soon they’ll be breakin headboards.  (Sorry, that was totally unnecessary.)

Sidebar, Antonique’s guns are the truth. 

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Nas Gets Payments Cut

Written on January 8, 2011 by

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Rapper Nas just had his spousal and child support payments cut by half by a judge.  He now has to pay $5K in child support and $20K in spousal support a month. Source

Good cus the $50K he was paying was a bit exhorbitant, no?

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Tell ‘em Why You Mad

Written on October 8, 2010 by

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An email that Nas allegedly sent to Def Jam heads has leaked to the internet and homeboy was PISSED.  Peep it below:

From: Nas
To: LA Reid, Steve Bartels, Steve Gawley, Michael Seltzer, Joseph Borrino, Chris Hicks

Peace to all,

With all do respect to you all, Nas is NOBODY’s slave. This is not the 1800′s, respect me and I will respect you.

I won’t even tap dance around in an email, I will get right into it. People connect to the Artist @ the end of the day, they don’t connect with the executives. Honestly, nobody even cares what label puts out a great record, they care about who recorded it. Yet time and time again its the executives who always stand in the way of a creative artist’s dream and aspirations. You don’t help draw the truth from my deepest and most inner soul, you don’t even do a great job @ selling it. The #1 problem with DEF JAM is pretty simple and obvious, the executives think they are the stars. You aren’t…. not even close. As a matter of fact, you wish you were, but it didn’t work out so you took a desk job. To the consumer, I COME FIRST. Stop trying to deprive them! I have a fan base that dies for my music and a RAP label that doesn’t understand RAP. Pretty fucked up situation

This isn’t the 90′s though. Beefing with record labels is so 15 years ago. @ this point I just need you all to be very clear where I stand and how I feel about “my label.” I could go on twitter or hot 97 tomorrow and get 100,000 protesters @ your building but I choose to walk my own path my own way because since day one I have been my own man. I did business with Tommy Mottola and Donnie Einer, two of the most psycho dudes this business ever created. I worked well with them for one major reason……. they believed in me. The didn’t give a fuck about what any radio station or magazine said….those dudes had me.

Lost Tapes is a movement and a very important set up piece for my career as it stands. I started this over 5 years ago @ Columbia and nobody knew what it was or what it did but the label put it out as an LP and the fans went crazy for it and I single handlely built a new brand of rap albums. It’s smart and after 5 years it’s still a head of the game. This feels great and you not feeling what I’m feeling is disturbing. Don’t get in the way of my creativity. We are aligned with the stars here, this is a movement. There is a thing called KARMA that comes to haunt you when you tamper with the aligning stars. WE ARE GIVING THE PEOPLE EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT. Stop throwing dog shit on a MAGICAL moment.

You don’t get another Nas recording that doesn’t count against my deal….PERIOD! Keep your bullshit $200,000.00 fund. Open the REAL budget. This is a New York pioneers ALBUM, there ain’t many of us. I am ready to drop in the 4th quarter. You don’t even have shit coming out! Stop being your own worst enemy. Let’s get money!



I’m a fan of unbridled rage as long as it’s not directed at me.  Sometimes you gotta act up to get ish done.

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Kelis Talks Being a Single Mom

Written on September 18, 2010 by

Filed Under: Family Matters, Kelis, Nasir "Nas" Jones

Kelis recently talked about raising her son Knight as a single parent. She said, “It’s hard being a working single mother, but on the flipside, it’s awesome too. You only have to worry about yourself. It’s only your influence and your ideas.” Source

Very interesting.  I wonder if she’s shut out Nas or he’s just absent.

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Kelis Decides to Play Nice for a Change

Written on July 10, 2010 by

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Kelis says that she and Nas have buried the hatchet for the sake of their child. She insists she wont be bad mouthing her ex to the press.

She said, “My kid is the center of my world. I don’t leave him ever. I take him with me everywhere. I was married. It didn’t work out. The most amazing thing came out of it. I am good with that. (Knight) will never read anywhere that I said anything negative about his father. It doesn’t matter whether it’s true or not. Because at the end of the day he needs to know he did come from love.”

Well good for her but let’s see how long she keeps this up.

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Kelis and Knight Out on the Street?

Written on June 27, 2010 by

Filed Under: Broke as a Joke, Kelis, Nasir "Nas" Jones, Real Estate

Kelise and Baby Knight are going to have to move out of their home. As part of her and Nas’ alimony agreement, Nas must pay her mortgage. Since he’s behind $52K in payments her home is going on the market. Source

Damn shame. Dude, pay up if for nothing other than your son.

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Nas and Kelis are Dunzo

Written on May 25, 2010 by

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Nas and Kelis are officially divorced. Their split was finalized on Friday. Source

Praise Jah and hallelujah! Maybe we can all move the hell on from this crazy story.

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Is Kelis Preventing Nas From Seeing Knight?

Written on May 12, 2010 by

Filed Under: Baby Mama Drama, Kelis, Nasir "Nas" Jones

According to Nas, Kelis isn’t only draining him of all his funds but she’s also limiting his contact with their son Knight.

He said, “My son was born with ice grills, so when his mom feels in the mood she sends pictures. If not, it’s hell. It’s hell trying to figure that out, trying to get him—I’ll just leave it at that. It’s hell. A man shouldn’t go through that s**t, but it’s another story I’ma tell at a different time.” Source

Now this is just wrong. Black boys NEED a father in their lives. So if she’s doing something to stand in his way of seeing his son he needs to take her ass to court for once.

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Nas Ready to Move On

Written on April 15, 2010 by

Filed Under: Kelis, Nasir "Nas" Jones, Splitzville

Seems like Nas is over all the drama. He’s been trading fire with soon-to-be ex Kelis since the two split last year and he’s ready to move on. He says, “All I want to do is make music and raise my kids. Nothing else matters.” Source

Well hopefully the worst is over and they can move the hell on because quite frankly I’m sick of hearing and writing about their shenanigans.

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Kelis Wins Big in Court

Written on April 14, 2010 by

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Nas was ordered in cort to pay $10K a month to ex Kelis in spousal support. He has to pay over $47K in back child support and over $40K in back spousal support.

That’s not all folks! He also has to pay her $155K legal bill and $48.5K in accounting expenses. Source

Jesus LAWD! Looks like someone needs to pick up a day job.

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Nas Regrets Dropping Out

Written on March 16, 2010 by

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Nas spoke to a bunch of teenagers in Pittsburgh as a part of the National Keystone Conference for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.  He told the kids that he’s upset he didn’t graduate from high school.

“The reality of it is, you need to keep educating yourself, and I wish I had stayed in school,” he said.

He added that dropping out was one of the biggest mistakes he’s ever made and that he still wants to get his diploma.

“This is an incredible message, to have someone who succeeded so much in their life, but there is still a void.” Frank Sanches, VP of corporate relationships for the B&G Club said.

Ne-Yo was another star to speak at the 4 day conference. Source

Yea, stay in school.  And hugs not drugs.  Whatever dude.

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Nas Needs to Pay His Taxes STAT

Written on March 1, 2010 by

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Nas is in hot water with the IRS.  They say that the money he owes them has increased from $2.6 million to $3.4 million.

He received the smaller bill last October stemming from unpaid taxes in ’07 and ’07. But now the IRS is claiming the number is above $3 million.  All of this is on top of the back child support he owes his ex Kelis. Source

When it rains it pours.  It woulda been cheaper to keep her, no?

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Nas Chews out Kelis in new Track

Written on February 15, 2010 by

Filed Under: Kelis, Nasir "Nas" Jones, New Music

Nas decided to take to the mic to get at his ex Kelis. In his new song “Strong Will Continue” he raps:

How in the hell am I supposed to stay comfy/ When I pay child support, alimony monthly….”

The track is off his new album with Damian Marley, “Distant Relatives,” and talks about having the strength to move on in hard times.

He continues at the end of the song saying:

“So I’ve stuck with some married women so fine, cheating while their husband rushing on the 40-yard line/ Wonder if this is what my ex did the whole time….”


Wait for a Twitter rant from Kelis in 5, 4, 3, 2, …

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Kelis Avoids Nas at Sundance

Written on January 29, 2010 by

Filed Under: Kelis, Nasir "Nas" Jones, Splitzville


Kelis has been after Nas for a minute regarding child support, most recently saying he owes back support after she was able to get her monthly payments increased.

However, recently, when she came face to face with him at the Sundance Film Festival, she avoided him.  Both of them wer performing on the same night, but she waited until his show was over so she wouldn’t have to compete with him. Source

She reminds me of that chick who pops all this shit about wanting to beat your ass, but when you catch her alone in an alley it’s all, “Girl you know I was just playin’”

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Kelis Post

Written on January 18, 2010 by

Filed Under: Child Support, Kelis, Nasir "Nas" Jones

Kelis has issued a summons to ex Nas because he hasn’t fully complied with court ordered child support payments.

His monthly payments were recently increased from $40K to $51K and he’s reportedly behind by $56,911. Source

He better pay up. The courts don’t take too kindly to that kind of tomfoolery.

In Other Kelis News…

Kelis was recently photographed inLondon slathered in fur and PETA penned a very angry letter to her. Well she didn’t take to kindly to it and issued a letter of her own.

Wanna hear it? Here it go!:

Good morning all!

Ok, so you’re gonna love this. The other day I got a personalized letter from PETA! Lol so after some thought I’ve decided to write one back. Goes a little something like this:

There is no humane way to kill anything, let me start there. It’s unfortunate but it’s part of life. With that being said, I would eat pterodactyl if you found some and you told me it was meaty and delicious. And after doing a very minimal amount of research……. I found out that the founder Ingrid Newkirk is completely batty. I had a feeling but she far exceeded my expectations. I mean certifiably insane! Lol this chicks will is nuts, google it – it’s a riot! Beyond the fact that I think she’s a diabetic, which means she needs insulin, which is taken from lab pigs (I know this because my sister happens to be in veterinary school), which would be completely hypocritical. It’s like don’t abuse animals unless it can help me.

I feel very strongly about a lot of things such as the sweatshops that spin cotton and the blood on their hands. Btw it’s not just the look of fur. It’s warm as hell and feels glorious, ever rubbed faux fur on your body? Nothing luxurious about that. Then the letter proceeded to name artist and designers who don’t wear real fur. Great! More for me! I don’t judge them, don’t judge me.

If I started wearing endangered animals like polar bear or orangutan then talk to me. (Which btw for the record I would not – I do believe in the preservation of endangered species) But the minks and chinchilla that quite honestly are rodents and if weren’t in the form of a coat I would demand they be put to death anyway are not an issue to me.

The death of high fashion. Ugh.

I eat meat, and in fact my mouth salivates as I type the word meat! And the paint throwing that’s just ridiculous! What if I was hurling Loubitons and Pierre Hardy’s at every sad poorly dressed person on the street? As right as I may be it’s just fanatical and crazy. And people have the right to feel as they please. What about art? Survival of the fittest. Natural selection? No let’s just let all the rodents run free and over take our cities. Oh wait they have, NY and LA in particular are infested! Why don’t u save them all from scavenging on the streets and ruining my evening strolls, take them home. Make them pets! Get off my back! Pun intended!

Underpaid minorities picking your vegetables, now that’s fine for you right? Please, fight for their rights. How about the poverty in the communities of brown people around the world. She had the nerve to say (and I quote) “get over it” talking of the issue of black people and slavery in this country verses cows being slaughtered. Is she kidding me? Lol yes she must be. Actually, she’s lucky most black people have real issues to worry about in the U.S and don’t give a crap what her delusional privileged opinions are. But she should try saying that again just for kicks n giggles on the corner of Adam Clayton Powell Blvd in Harlem n see how well people “get over it” lol.

If u want to preach do it about something worthwhile don’t waste my time trying to save the dang chipmunk.

Find a worthwhile cause like the women being maimed in these Middle Eastern countries. Or female circumcision. Or women’s rights here in America, we still get paid less for doing the same jobs as men. Quite honestly if you hate the world so much go live in the forest where no one else has to hear you complain about the perfectly good food chain the good Lord created. Everyone has the right to an opinion, and that’s mine on that! xoxo Source

Listen, I like puppies and woodland creatures like the next chick. But I do agree that there are other things to worry about. And if anyone EVER bought me anything, mink, chinchilla, rabbit, or lambskin, TRUST and believe I’mma rock it.

(Lo skips off to schedule her next dress up trip to Antonovich furs to play in their clearance racks.)

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Nas Ordered to Bump Up Support Payment to Kelis

Written on December 13, 2009 by

Filed Under: Child Support, Kelis, Nasir "Nas" Jones, Splitzville

Nas has been ordered to increase his monthly support from $44,000 to $51,000.

The decision to up the payments (which would total more than $600K a year) came after a hearing where the judge determined that Nas made enough money to pay additional support.

Surprisingly Nas’ attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, is in agreement with the decision. Even though the monthly payment was increased, Nas won’t have to pay the expenses on the LA home he and Kelis owned any longer. Source

I just don’t understand what someone does with $50K a month. But whatever.

Nas Still Fighting Spousal Support Payments

Written on November 3, 2009 by

Filed Under: Court Date, Kelis, Nasir "Nas" Jones, Splitzville

Nas is making a last ditch effort to prevent Kelis from receiving spousal support.

Rapper NAS has filed a legal bid to prevent his estranged wife KELIS from receiving spousal support payments.

He filed papers Monday to block the $55K a month payments he was ordered to pay Kelis back in July.

I wonder if he’s trying to block the payments all together or if he’s just trying to get them reduced. I can see not wanting to pay all that money every month but to pay nothing would be a mite bit trifflin’ no?

Nas and Kelis Reconcile?

Written on September 16, 2009 by

Filed Under: Couples Alert, Kelis, Nasir "Nas" Jones


Nas and Kelis shocked everyone when they showed up at NY club Marquee together.  They were spotted getting “extra close” at the private party.  This is surprising because of the nasty divorce the two have been going through for the past few months. Source

Well it’s nice to see them looking so happy and friendly instead of at each other’s throats.

Kelis is Back for More…Money That Is

Written on August 23, 2009 by

Filed Under: Court Date, Kelis, Nasir "Nas" Jones


According to TMZ Kelis is asking for more money. She alleges that Nas brings in over $244K a month in comparison to her $13K.  So she feels that she should receive $17,225 in child support and $72,728 in spousal. She wants retro child and spousal support totaling over $300K. Source

Kelis really isn’t messin’ around in this divorce.  I wonder if the judge will grant this.  I guess we’ll just have to stay tuned.


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